Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Only A Black Man Mantra"

Keshia & Kevin
Married on
September 3, 2004.

Somewhere along the line, the Something New Crew began spreading the notion that there was some sort of mantra in the black community that black women only date and marry black men. Of course, they NEVER reveal the source of this notion nor any kind of evidence beyond black American women's tendency to not date interracially. In their minds, black women tending to resist interracial dating has to be due to external pressures. The problem is that actual research disputes this.

Sociology Professor Rachel Sullivan of Long Island University in New Your explained on her blog:


"When it comes to Black/White interracial relationships my research indicates, that White women face the most family opposition of all of the race/gender groups. The tactics used to show opposition in White women’s families are often more extreme. They appear to be the group most likely to be disowned or disinvited when they enter interracial relationships."

Research has also shown that white women are more open to dating black men than black women are to dating white men. This begs the question of why the women who face the harshest opposition to interracial dating are more open to it than women who face lesser opposition. The clear answer is INTEREST.

Black women don't date out much because black women are generally less interested in doing so. It is not due to some imaginary mantra. This is just more of the things that the Something New Crew simply makes up.

Black women will date more interracially when they, as a group, become more interested in doing so, not because of some minuscule internet pseudo-social movement based on untruths. There is no "Black Men Only Mantra" and true evidence, as opposed to the personal perceptions of a group of weirdos, shows this.

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