Monday, December 19, 2011

Shouldn't This Four Year Old Child Have Been Well Protected?

According to the BWE/IR fanatics he should have been. After all, both his father and his mother's boyfriend are white.

Britni Bereasa Glover watched as her boyfriend beat her 4-year-old son. She
did nothing. She later heard the boy complain of stomach pain. She did
nothing. The next morning, she found her son, Dustyn Skyler Roff, dead in
his bed.

Houston police allege that happened beginning Thursday night, when Michael
Allen Seaton
beat Dustyn because his mother did not come home for lunch
that day. Glover, 23, was charged with injury to a child by omission. Police
are still looking for her 21-year-old boyfriend, who has been charged with
capital murder.

Police who responded to a report of a dead child at a home in
the 7100 block of Hillcroft on Friday found the boy had multiple injuries
and bruises all over his body, authorities said. He was pronounced dead at
the scene.

HPD Homicide Sergeant Will Gonzales said Glover did not intervene as Seaton assaulted Dustyn Thursday night after the couple got into an argument. Seaton would often watch the boy while Glover went to work at a day care, Gonzales said, and he was upset that she did not return home during her lunch break that day.

Seaton then allegedly beat the child and left. Keeping silent, Dustyn
complained to his mother of stomach pains before sleeping, and the next
morning, she found him dead in his bed. "We have no reason to believe that (Glover) assaulted Dustyn," Gonzales said, "but she didn't stop the abuse of her child."Glover remained silent when asked by authorities why she did not
intervene, Gonzales said. The boy had different healing stages of bruises,
indicating he had likely been beaten for several weeks, the sergeant

Charles Blake Roff, Dustyn's father, said he had been searching for
Glover and his son for the past four months after she left with
the boy during a visit. At a news conference on Monday, the 25-year-old said he
was the boy's sole caretaker until that time and was working on gaining full
legal custody of him. The couple is in the middle of a divorce and custody
rights had not yet been determined, he said.

Heck, according to the BWE/IR crew, they are not even supposed to be getting a divorce.