Friday, December 26, 2008

What About Our Truth?

Ashford and Simpson.
35 years of Marriage.

For some time, I have been baffled by how comfortably certain individuals casually toss out falsehoods and misrepresentations. This has been a constant with the Something New Crew and has extended to their allies. Over on the blog What About Our Daughters, Gina McCauley presents herself as an advocate for black women and dedicates herself to promoting black female victimism while commonly practicing black male bashing. Her blog is not and interracial blog, yet she seems to be quite in tune with Evia and her followers. When she had a blog roll, she included Evia's site on it and she was quite upset by the Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak case. In her endeavors, she has targeted several black men for ridicule and attack. I will focus on two of these individuals.

The first is Genarlow Wilson. Genarlow Wilson was acquitted of the rape of a 17 year old classmate at a private party that turned in what would basically be a teenage drunken orgy. The actual sex act between the two was video taped and has been described as like this:

"In a portion of a tape obtained by "Primetime," Wilson, then 17 and an honor student and star athlete who was homecoming king, is seen having intercourse with a 17-year-old girl, who was seen earlier on the bathroom floor. During the sex act, she appears to be sleepy or intoxicated but never asks Wilson to stop. Later on in the tape, she is seen being pulled off the bed."

And like this:

"Later in the evening, a 17-year-old girl began to have sex with the young men, first in the bathroom, then on the bed. Genarlow is captured on tape appearing to have sex with the girl from behind. Her hand is clearly visible on the floor supporting herself. Witnesses said she was a willing participant."

And then we have the predominantly white jury's reaction to viewing the tape:

"I mean it wasn't even an hour," said jury forewoman Marie Manigault. "We immediately saw the tape for what it was. We went back and saw it again and saw what actually happened and everybody immediately said NOT GUILTY."

So can someone please explain, based on this information, how she could print this statement on her blog:

"She should not have consumed any booze so therefore she can’t claim victim status when GENARLOW WILSON and his five buddies brutalize her body while she is unconscious."

Where on Earth did anyone say that anyone, including Genarlow, brutalized her body while she is unconscious? This borders on a flat out lie. Also from the same link, she quotes and agrees with someone else's statement:

"No matter how much (two glasses of Cognac) the 17-year-old may have had to drink, no matter how much she may have flirted with those boys, she did not consent to having sex with all of them, one right after the other. Yet it never occurred to the “smart” and “spiritual” Genarlow to say, “Stop it. We should not be doing this.” No. Genarlow watched, waited and gladly took his turn. When they were through raping her, Genarlow helped his friends drag the comatose victim to the bathroom. They opened the door, pushed her in, watched as she fell to the floor and closed the door. I guess she wasn’t much fun anymore."

Does this individual have any clue what the definition of "comatose" is?

Genarlow Wilson did not rape his 17 year old classmate. Was he stupid? Sure. He indulged in drinking and marijuana during the party (which would have made him just as drunk/high as the girl). He allowed himself to be filmed in sex acts and didn't use any judgment in his encounter with the 15 year old girl. But we don't send promising young men to prison based solely on stupidity, yet Gina, in her apparent disdain for black men, is quite willing to ruin this young man's life based on the accusations of a girl who was clearly upset with herself and her own poor judgment. It's shameful.

The next man is DL Hughley. Hughley referred to the members of the Rutger's lady basketball team as "the ugliest women I have ever seen in my life". Did the the ladies of Rutgers deserve this? Of course not. Beauty is subjective and to some men, these woman could be viewed as quite beautiful. But the truth is that often when women grow to over 6 feet tall and are physically capable of taking it to the hoop with the best of them, they tend to not posses the standard looks men typically view as attractive. This is not limited to black women. But Gina makes this claim:

"In other words, Hughley was basically saying “It’s okay. I’m Black and I think Black women are ugly too— in fact, they are some of the “ugliest women I have ever seen in my life!”" More After the jump."

Hughley never made this claim about black women in general. As ugly as his words were, he made this claim about a particular group of women who happened to be black. Plus, two of the members of that group were white and I doubt that Hughley was excluding them from his statement. And there is this:

"Much like their reaction to Hughley taking his minstrelsy on to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to say Black women are the ugliest women he has ever seen in his life..."

Again she makes the false claim that Hughley is referencing black women in general. Hell, the man just recently told Maryline Blackburn that she is a beautiful woman. THE MAN IS MARRIED TO A BLACK WOMAN.

Often times, common sense and honesty goes out the window when one practices demagoguery. This violation of the truth is almost a sickness and it is quite unhealthy for our community.


RainaHavock said...

Now that's just ridiculous about the Winslow Case. First off it was Oral in other words she went down on him and even the girl said it wasn't his fault. As for the Hugley granted it was uncalled for at that moment in time but I doubt he is a black woman basher being that he is married to one. BW bashers tend to not be married to black women.

RainaHavock said...

Also Rocky when you get a chance come check out my latest blog entry and tell me what you thank.

Rocky said...

Hey Raina. He was actually convicted of child molesting the 15 year old girl who performed oral sex on him. Their complaint is that he wasn't convicted of raping the 17 year old girl that he had intercourse with.

Being that Genarlow was of the age of consent, yet only 2 years older than the 15 year old girl (who was not of the age of consent), he would have been convicted of a misdemeanor had he only had intercourse with her. Being that Georgia had archaic sodomy laws at that time, the fact that it was oral sex nullified the small age difference rule and he was convicted of a felony in the same way that a 30 or 40 year old man would have been convicted.

A higher court overturned the felony conviction citing it as cruel and unusual punishment.

Rocky said...

Oh, and great blog entry. I'm looking forward to more.