Monday, September 13, 2010

The Yvonne Hiller Rampage

What goes around comes around.

It’s funny how much the black female IR bloggers ridiculed Omar Thorton, a black man, for his workplace shooting rampage, yet a very short time later, we have Yvonne Hiller, a black woman, do the same thing. Here is the story:

By DAVID GAMBACORTAPhiladelphia Daily News

A FEMALE EMPLOYEE who was escorted out of the Kraft Foods building in
the Northeast after being suspended last night returned within minutes with a
.357 Magnum and began firing at fellow workers, police said.

She killed two female employees on the third floor and shot and
critically wounded a male employee in a stairwell, police said. Sources
identified her as Yvonne Hiller, whose address not immediately
Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey told reporters that Hiller
then went to the second floor and hid in an office.

She was unaware that in an adjoining office, seven employees were
hiding. They called police and told them where she was.
As police approached
her hiding place, Hiller fired a shot through the wall at them and at one point
reloaded her weapon, Ramsey said. Hiller surrendered when SWAT team members
entered the room about 9:30 p.m., he said.

The drama at the plant, on Byberry Road near Roosevelt Boulevard, began
about 8:35 p.m., when Hiller was escorted from the building after being
suspended from her job, Ramsey said. It wasn't clear why Hiller, a 15-year Kraft
employee, had been suspended.

She got into her car and several minutes later drove through a barrier,
jumped out with the high-powered handgun, ran into the building and began

Police, firefighters and emergency equipment swarmed around the

About 100 employees, who make Oreo cookies, Philadelphia Cream Cheese
and Oscar Mayer bacon, were evacuated, and busy Roosevelt Boulevard was
temporarily shut down.
The wounded man was admitted to Aria Health's
Torresdale hospital in critical condition.

Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan hailed the actions of a mechanic who
encountered the woman on the third floor and followed her to the second, talking
with police all the while on his cell phone and encouraging other employees to

At one point, Hiller realized she was being followed, turned around and
fired at the man. He sprained an ankle ducking the bullet and required hospital
treatment, Sullivan said.

"His actions made a big difference to police," Sullivan said. "Inside
that building is a labyrinth. Without his information, police would have had
trouble making their way through the building."

Tanya Bussey, whose sister Valerie Johnson works in the building, got a
scare when her sister called her after the shooting erupted.
"My sister
called and said there was someone in the building who was shooting and that she
was going to hide, and then her phone went dead," Bussey said.

She said that panic gripped her and that she and another relative raced
to the building. Her sister finally called back and said she was safe and

Andrew Wells said his father-in-law, who works for Kraft, phoned his
own wife and said, "Someone came down the hallway. There's shooting in the

Earl Cooper, an electrician at Kraft, said he and a few other employees
were working in a small lab when a supervisor entered and shouted, "Keep
everybody back!"

"Then I heard a couple of gunshots," he said. "Kraft is like a big
family. People were worried if their friends were all right.

Here is a good example of the hypocrisy of the so-called black female empowerment bloggers. They are all too willing to point the finger at black men for pathological behavior, yet so unwilling to look at the pathological behavior within themselves. What is notable is that her case will inevitably bring out white voices critical of the violent behavior that they associate with blacks. So while these IR bloggers are pointing fingers at black men while praising white men, many of those same white men are using the example of this one black woman to point the finger at black people in general.
It is also important to note that the two people she murdered were targeted and both are black women.