Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Obama Bandwagon.

Patrick and Gina Neely.

Co-owners of Neelys Bar-B-Q in Memphis, one of the most successful restaurants in the South. They have been sweethearts since high shool.

If one notices on the the blogs of the "Something New Sell-Out Crew", black men are held in very low regard. Practically nothing positive done by any black man will be focused on by any of the followers of this warped ideology. Yet one man is an exception to this rule. His name is Barack Obama. Why is this the case? Quite simply, Obama is the flavor of the month. Actually, his 'flavor' extends well beyond a month, but the concept still applies.

President Elect Obama is history in the making. He is a black man who has gained the position of most powerful man on Earth. He has accomplished something that many, if not most felt that they would never live to see. It is only because of him that a black woman will hold the title of "First Lady"; one of the most prestigious titles in world. It is because of him that two little black girls will call The White House "home".

When one thinks about it, Barack has achieved something beyond great, yet this really shows how high a black man has to reach in order to be recognized by this crew. In order for a black man to be pictured with his wife among the pictures of white male/black female couples that these women have searched long and hard for, he has to actually become the President of The United States. Being that he is the one and only black man to achieve this, basically every black man in the world, save for one, is not worth their recognition. This places a totally new spin on the old saying that as black folks, "we have to be twice as good as whites to achieve the same accomplishments".

Yes, it really does show the racist aspects of these haters of black men. White racism created an environment whereas black people had to rise to a level well above their white counterparts in order to get the same advantages. This is taken to an extreme with The Something New Crew in that only the presidency will bring them to notice a black man positively. One ignorant ghetto brotha who calls a black woman a "bi*ch" will result in eleven or twelve essay length blogs, but any positive achievements below the presidency won't cut the mustard.

Think about it. Denzel Washington can become one of the most respected and well paid actors in the world, marry a darker skinned black woman, refuse to do scenes he feels would disrespect black women, etc., yet he can't get mentioned by the Sell-Out Crew. Usher got a lot of attention when he postponed his wedding to Tameka, yet when they got married a few days later, they stop talking about him. Take folks like Jesse Jackson Jr. and most other black national politicians who have married black women and realize that they don't care about these men. They didn't care about Obama until he ran for president. He had not reached the criteria for them to give a black man positive credit.

This is quite comparable to white racism. How often have we experienced a racist white person express disdain for blacks, yet point out one or two specific blacks who are "different". In other words, they generally hate blacks, yet will make an exception for one or two black people who are superior to their generally "inferior" brethren. That is the mentality of the Sell-Out Crew as it relates to black men. They have made Barack Obama their token negro man.

Of course they do actually argue that he is different (just like racists generally do). They like to differentiate him from your average African American man by pointing out that he wasn't raised in the black community. Of course, they get quiet and start censoring when you point out that Michael Strahan and Kobe Bryant were raised in Germany (which is far from the black community), yet both married white women. Why didn't they pick up the overwhelming love for black women that the Sell-Out Crew claims that European men have? And if one is realistic, they will realize that if there is a reason why Obama hooked up with a brown skinned, 'clearly black' woman besides falling in love with her, it would be due to him having made effort to embrace the black community. He moved to Chicago and became a community activist, he joined an Afrocentric church and he married a woman they refer to as clearly black. Not embracing the black community is what Tiger Woods did. Those who show hatred for black men under the guise of "interracial relationships" really often appear to be quite backward.


RainaHavock said...

I just about mention how they want to claim Obama saying"Well he's half white and was raised by white people" but don't you know when you see him he still and identifies himself as just that a black man. Good post.

Oli said...

Agree with every word

Mr Laurelton Queens said...

Great post

Basically they want to use white men as bank accounts.

That is the bottom line.