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Are Ir Black Women Victims of Unrequited Love?

Are Ir black women victims
of unrequited love ?

Continuing the analyses of black female inter-racial bloggers.

by Menelik Charles...London, England

Much of the pro-white male postings of IR Black women read like strangulated woes of unrequited love for Black men. Thus their ‘desire’ for white-male attention is not what it first appears. Please consider the following quotes from Traci, a New Yorker, who posted diary entries on her visit to Chicago over at CW’s blog “Black Women Deserve Better”. It read:

“I know that many Black women prefer Black men, but you MUST realise
that if a good non-Blackman wants to talk to you, talk to him, and date
him. Black men are not thinking about us Black women. They
are dating out and enjoying it. So why shouldn’t we?”

Can we assume here that Traci is also one of the “many Black women who prefer Black men”? Anyway, unlike other self-appointed relationship counsellors, she’s actually following her own advice:

“change the attitude and you will see the results” that’s what I said in my last post to you. It’s so cold here in Chicago so the potential for meeting people is low. I decided to join a gym. Much to my surprise, the gym is like 98% white. A ton of white men! I decided to get a personal trainer, a man. Yes, he’s white, very nice looking as well!”

Ok, so the men are white but what is the point or objective of potentially meeting “tons of white men”? Traci continues:

“there are Black men personal trainers…and I’ve noticed I’ll talk to my
trainer and catch them staring at me. Why? I have no idea. I picked a
man, I didn’t specifically say a white man…so why the looks?”

Why should Traci care a damn why Black men are “staring” at her? And besides, the only way one can confirm someone is staring at you is by staring back at them! But what might have started out as a glance may end up as a stare. So how can we be sure those Black men were actually staring at Tracy, and not at first merely glancing in her direction? Perhaps Tracy can answer this question:

“ChiTown is not as diverse as NYC but when I walk around
I do a lot of people watching. I look at what people
are looking, at and whose looking at whom”.

“Why the looks”, Tracy? Clearly, weight loss was not her primary objective at the gym. She set out to “catch” someone’s attention in much the same way the FBI set out to entrap America’s ‘most wanted’. But whose attention was this “people watching” sauce pot seeking to arouse? Again, Tracy can provide an answer:

“I’ve noticed white, Asian and Hispanic men check out Black women.
CW I don’t Know why some of us don’t think that we aren’t attractive”.

Perhaps Tracy doesn’t believe herself “attractive”. But here’s my point: She appears unwittingly to be instructing Black women (“who prefer Black men”) to seek out the social company of, for example, white men in order to attract the interest of “envious” Black men! If this was, indeed, the case then perhaps what she really meant by “change the attitude and see the results” was more like: change the tactics and see the results! Well, she certainly got a “result” at the gym, didn’t she?

Tracy’s white-male blues
Our Tracy’s alleged quest for a “White Knight” doesn’t stop at merely being a sidewalk ‘peeping Tom’. With fellow “Black female empowerment” seekers in tow she decides to hit the club. She writes:

I went to a Blues club with a few friends. Of course, we were the only Black women in the place. Ok, so you may wonder why we decided to go to a Blues club when we knew we would be in a minority. Well, it’s about trying to get ourselves exposed to new things, and going to where they are. And by doing that, I am slowly conquering a few fears of mine…I feared that white men would look at us like we had the plague. In fact, white men are looking at us in an “I’d like to get to know you” sort of way”.

I am grateful Tracy avoided elaborating further on how she’d acquired her “fear” of socialising with white men, and so mercifully sparing us the wicked lie that Black men have sought to control Black women’s sexual ‘freedom’ by warning them off fraternising with white men. It’s simply a case of “Black women preferring Black men”, and that’s the long ‘n’ the short of it! At no time in 100s of years of African-American history have Black men had the power to prevent white men doing exactly as they pleased with Black women and young girls. This is not a theory legitimately open to IR bloggers revisionism: it is simply an historical fact!

‘Race memory’ and culture
More specifically to Tracy, it is not so much her feelings of unattractiveness to white men (in relation to white women?) that is the issue here. What was activated in Tracy’s mind was ‘race memory’ containing learned responses to events pertaining to a significant and/or frequent occurrence. It works like this: if you ask an Italian-American his name, or to speak in Italian, you are immediately ‘transported’ to Italy. Ask him about his peoples folklores and fears, and you are taken back centuries. In short, everything about the Italian cultural-experience is recorded in the ‘collective unconscious’ and passed down to future generations in America. So, an Italian-American will act like an Italian, despite never having visited Italy!

Culture or syndrome?
Tracy, like all slavery-descended Africans, is not the product of cultural experiences. Psycho-social experiences, yes: but not cultural. My reasoning is centred around the definition of the term syndrome. This has been defined as:

“Any combination of signs and symptoms that are
indicative of a particular disease or disorder;
or a symptom, or set of symptoms, indicating
the existence of a condition or problem

Can an enslaved people stripped of their heritage; used as sexual playthings, and breeding animals; bought and sold like animals; and who were then forced to ‘adopt’ the names, language, and religion of their enemies, truly be said to possess a culture? Do you know of a culture which is not only alien to those who ‘practice’ it but which was specifically created so as to engender an eternal sense of crisis within them? No such ‘culture’ could possibly exist if its sole objectives are to degrade, demoralize, and ultimately, to destroy those who ‘practice’ it! So, slavery was a psychological “condition”, a spiritual “disease”, a social “disorder”. It was a “problem”. It was not a culture! Oh, and ‘the Blues’ (a musical idiom born of Black misery not culture) is a colloquialism for the term ‘depression’ - which in turn is defined as a syndrome!

I ‘remember’ when you raped me
What is contained in the African-American female ‘collective unconscious’ are repressed ‘memories’ associated with centuries of sexual slavery. Tracy’s ‘race memory’, therefore, was activated by being around white men. But like many Black women, she fought against these troubling feelings by offering white men gestures of submission e.g. by excessive smiling, ‘laughing’ hysterically at their ‘jokes’, and/or permitting themselves to be sexually groped in public by white partners. Tracy, therefore, was certainly “open”…but to a past she has no literal memory of, and which continues to haunt her beyond the events in question. Indeed, a more thorough reading of her tour of the ‘Windy City’ would indicate she’d been a tad more “open” than she’s willing to let on lest it became common knowledge that she’s basically an “open” invitation to ‘Black pussy’ for contemporary white boys.

You go girl!

You can’t Rape a willingly “open” pussy
However, problems emerge when white men regularly “fuck” the likes of Tracy, and then pass up on the possibility of a committed relationship with them. Their ‘race memory’ is then triggered leaving them feeling strangely dirty and used: like a rape victim. But rather than hit out at the symbolic ‘rapist’, they lash out instead at white men’s traditional ‘whipping boy’: Black men. The very group IR bloggers claim have “left them” or “do not want” them! Clearly, not many men do. But if all this is not a sub-conscious cry for help in a sea of racial self-loathing, and sexual humiliation, then I don’t know what is!

Tracy diary entries about “opening” her “options” reads like the stuff of schoolgirl fantasy: she led the life, it would appear, of a minor socialite touring ChiTown; meeting care-free Caucasians (without a hint of colour prejudice or fetish) and generally sticking her nose in other people’s business! But before we move on from Tracy’s travels, let’s make one last visit to the club:

“Oh something I forgot to mention. At the Blues club we were sitting next to a white male/Black female couple. When the band began to play a really slow Blues song, a Brunette-white woman came out of nowhere and started dancing really seductively. Of course, all the men stopped, stared, and salivated. When her boyfriend came out to dance with her, a man looked at him and shouted “man, you know you’re gonna have good sex tonight!” The boyfriend agreed, and of course she giggled. But what I found interesting was that the white man we were sitting next to, turned around to our table and said loudly “see that’s why I don’t date white women… they’re sluts!” Turns out “boyfriend” had a wedding ring on and she didn’t, so you put two and two together”.

“Settling” for a white man
Though the validity of Tracy’s diary entries are questionable, the concerns are consistent with IR supporters e.g. her desire to arouse the attention of Black men, while ‘busy’ in the company of white men. This alludes to a little girl desperate for an absent father’s affections. As with all convoluted stories of love ‘n’ longing, there does appear a lurking issue of childhood abandonment in Tracy’s life. And as for her nasty little stab at white women, well, the words feminine envy springs to mind! Surely, in quieter moments, Tracy is aware that she has burnt her ‘bridges’ with Black men, and so will probably have to “settle” for a white man. But it really wasn’t supposed to end like this: indeed, “Black women deserve better”!

The romantic & racial sour grapes
of the “legend” that is Evia Moore
The malevolent, racist-fantasy posting of IR bloggers knows no bounds, and no more is this the case than with its pioneer, Evia Moore. Below is a ruthlessly accurate summary of her muddled, and obsessive attempts to manufacture misrepresentations around her constant assertion that Black men “put Black women last” behind white, light, bi-racial and Latino women. Below she blows:

• I will declare the existence of a Black conspiracy to keep Black women and white men apart (even though no such plot has ever existed) so as to transform myself into ‘forbidden fruit’ for white men - because you put me last.

• I will ignore the fact that white men institutionalised the rape of Black women and girls for centuries while simultaneously instructing white women to keep her “options” limited to white men - because you put me last.

• I will ignore documented evidence that Black mothers and grandmothers conspired to keep Black males away from white females lest white men take umbrage and torture, jail or lynch them – because you put me last.

• I will declare that your casual or committed relationships with white, light, bi-racial or Latino females are expressions of your self-hatred and hatred of all dark-skinned Black women - because you put me last.

• I will suggest that only Black women and white men can have legitimate intimate or casual relationships with each other - because you put me last.

• I will organise armies of angry, emotionally disturbed Black women against you, and seek a separate identity from yours - because you put me last.

• I will instruct single-Black women with children from multiple Black fathers to seek out quality white men as lovers, husbands and step-fathers – because you put me last.

• I will form sentimental and ideological alliances with white-power groups who hate Black men above all men - because you put me last.

• I will distort every aspect of your reality and feed these misrepresentations right back at ya - because you put me last.

• I will not permit you the right to insert truth into anything I say about you without dismissing you as a troll - because you put me last.

• I will claim the mantle of American’s “most oppressed” but not of white America but of Black men in America - because you put me last.

• I am a strong, beautiful and successful Black woman and you are a damaged-beyond repair, low or no value, Black man - because you put me last.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!” Like Aesop’s fable of the fox that could not reach the grapes and consoled himself that they were sour anyway, Evia must forever abuse Black men since she has a phobic dread of a romantic reunion with one lest he abandons her for a white woman!

Sara’s advice to Black women
on how to get a Black man
This is the 2nd time Sara has made an appearance in this post. The first was in her “Harry Potter” alias. This time she’s fronting “Sara’s blog, Interracial love…” bemoaning the fact that Black men’s “stock” in the dating arena is greater than that of Black women. Below is some advice she offers Black women desperate for Black male attention in her post “looking for the Real Men”:

“Please wake up! Don’t ever look for a man who is not looking for you. If you really
want to raise your status in Black men eyes, start dating white men like they are going
out of style. If you want Black men to think you are desirable, and gorgeous, date a white man. If you want a Black man to change his attitude towards you, date a white
man. Black men want everything a white man has”.

And this “everything” Black men want includes white women, right? Well, it appears Sara wants at least one thing she perceive white women as possessing: Black men! But maybe I’ve spoken too soon. Let’s continue:

“the truth is that no man wants what they think no other man
wants. Especially Black men because they are a very envious
class of men. Now I’m not advocating that you use white men”.

Sara gives the sort of advice a woman might give to a friend attempting to get back with an ex-boyfriend, and then makes the bizarre claim that it doesn’t involve using unsuspecting white men as bait? Oh, really! But again, maybe I’ve spoken too soon. Read what amounts to Sara’s disclaimer:

“I believe once Black women start dating out, be courted, wined and dined
like you deserve, you will not be able to go back to being treated like a
sexual toilet. The ratio of Black women/white men will explode…”

The ratio in comparison to what? Black men/white woman relationships? Must everything IR bloggers do revolve around what Black men are allegedly doing? Anyway, by dating white men, according to Sara, Black women will feel “protected and spoiled” and:

“not to mention for the first time ever, many of
you will have real fathers for your children!”

White men rescuing Black women and children from the clutches of “envious” Black men? What next, a remake of Birth of a Nation with the damsel in distress played by Angela Bassett? Yes, I’m well aware of Sara’s nasty little digs at Black men in the quotes above but I won’t be taking the bait! You see, “opening options” for Sara really means resigning herself to her fate. But she’ll not go quietly into the night! She’ll lie and deny; kick and scream! She’ll pretend to ‘ache’ for white men as she imagines Black men ‘ache’ for white women. She’ll fill her blog with pictures of near-naked white men, and yet pack her post with talk of Black men. She’ll ‘rob’ Black men of their masculine ‘assets’ and award them to white men as compensation for their ‘masculine deficits’. Yes, Sara will do absolutely anything to get herself a white boy…my God, she has certainly earned one!

But will this stop the hating ‘n’ baiting of Black men? Never! You see, the extraordinary piece of advice she offers Black women – in which white men are used as fishing bait, is worthless for one simple reason: it didn’t work for her!

The Politics of Sour Grapes:
In their own convoluted way, IR bloggers are actually Black separatists e.g. they believe (and they indicate as much!) that Black men should only date, associate with, or marry Black women. Why? Because they simply “prefer Black men”. Moreover, Black men dating or marrying out, no matter how small the number, is felt by these women as a betrayal for several reasons outlined below:

(1) it goes against hundreds of years of African-American matriarchal tradition i.e. the explicitly stated command to Black males from an early age, not to fraternise with white females of any age;

(2) it introduces unwelcome competition from white, light, bi-racial or Latino women who some Black women perceive as inherently more attractive than themselves, and who therefore pose a threat;

(3) it confirms these Black women’s worst fear that they are, indeed, less attractive than non-Black or part-Black women, and leaves them feeling a sense of racial, romantic and sexual rejection.

Why white men?
Taking into account the story thus far, it begins to make increasing sense why IR bloggers almost-exclusively promote relationships with white men over Latino or Asian men. Some of the reasons are as follows:

(1) only relationships with white men can provide a supporting, and wide-ranging, racist ideology with which to attack the Black men who “reject” them;

(2) only a white racist ideology can explain the present condition of Black America as ‘evidence’ of Black male genetic inferiority in comparison to white men;

(3) only relationships with white men have the potential to alert intuitive Black men to the existential desperation of ‘ugly‘Black women and ‘rescue’ them.

Ultimately, IR bloggers are sub-consciously attempting to re-enact an unresolved traumatic period in African-American women’s history. They cannot achieve this without alluding to the power relations existing at that time. This clandestine task cannot be achieved via intimate relationships with Asian or Latino males. Therefore, only by ‘sleeping with the enemy’, and effectively forming racist unions, can they bring this matter to light, and to a potential resolution.

Unfortunately, they are unwilling to find common ground with BU bloggers such as Rocky, Una Persona or to any Black man attached to Black women because those Black women have something they haven’t! Therefore, they will never concede ‘defeat’ because to do so would hand ‘victory’ to Black men. So, like many ‘angry’ Black women, they will have the ‘last word’ - no matter what the cost!

For IR bloggers then, the politics of sour grapes goes something like this: Black men must always be wrong because they are ‘Mr Right’; white men must never be wrong because they can never be (quite) ‘Mr Right’. You see, for a number of reasons, there’s as much a perceived masculine ‘deficit’ in most white men as there is a perceived feminine ‘deficit in a significant number of Black women. Perhaps for this reason alone, they probably deserve one another!

There’s Something About “Harry Potter” That You All Need To Know

Continuing the analyses of black female inter-racial bloggers.

by Menelik Charles...London, England

Ir bloggers & hating white women
IR bloggers’ “unreciprocated” love for Black men - with an accompanying feminine envy of white women, is translated into a “Black female empowerment” agenda. The next step is to ‘empower’ white men (who they suggest are being rejected en mass by white women for Black men) and all manner of tricks are deployed to bring this fantasy about. The first trick was to ‘welcome’ into their fold an alleged “white male” supporter who expresses an open disdain for white women.

There’s something about “Harry Potter”

That you all need to know

Evia and Sara’s blogs portrays a consistent contempt for white women which they show indirectly by attacking Black men who they assume desire them. However, they stop just short of racist verbal attacks as this might suggest envy on their part (commentators to their blogs are not so careful). So what’s a Black gal to do? Simple: have a friendly “white guy” called “Harry” to do the job for them! Here’s how it works: if a white man “bashes” white women then it won’t really constitute racist attacks but something akin to staggering personal insights! Please read what our alleged “white” friend, “Harry Potter” has to say about white women:

“sure, I don’t like white women…I don’t like fair skin, I don’t like freckles,
I don’t like red hair, I don’t like blond hair. But it seems as it is these
very traits in women that are considered the standard of beauty. I
can’t see a movie without the lead actress being a white blond…”

This is nothing but Stormfront-style racism, plain and simple! But let’s continue as “Harry” outlines “his” virtual mission statement:

“why spend my time bashing white women? Every group seems to
have websites, blogs, and forums bashing that group. However,
I have not seen one bashing white women. Why not?”

Can we be so sure that “Harry” has “never seen” a group “bashing” white women? Keep in mind that “his” blog is called “White Women Suck!” Well, there exists a similarly named blog “American Women Suck” ( run by a white man in which he bemoans the perceived injustices of feminism and female privilege. Might we assume he is talking about white women? Clearly, somebody is lying here, and ripping off someone else’s idea into the bargain!

Now read the following, if you will:

“for a long time I was completely fed up with the behaviour of women in general,
from the games they play, to their seemingly huge egos, and selfish behaviour.
then I realised it wasn’t women in general but white women in general”.

“Harry” identifies game playing, “huge egos” and selfishness as general ‘feminine’ behaviour. Fair enough: “he’s” had a life-time of personal relationships, and observations in which to confirm “his” worst suspicions regarding the female sex. Suddenly, however, and seemingly out of clear blue sky, “Harry” decides that all of these toxic traits pertain only to one group of women – white women! Something just doesn’t add up here!

I have read all of “Harry’s” blogs, and I’ve paid close attention to the issues “he” focuses on; who “he” offers support to, and especially those “he” takes sly digs at. Thus far, the ‘issues’ “Harry” deals with leads invariably to the racial vilification of white women. Those “he” typically offers moral support to are invariably Black women (especially those in inter-racial relationships with white men). And can you guess which race of men our ‘wizard friend’ takes sly little digs at? There is something about this ‘white boy’ that feels so utterly familiar!

“Harry potter” the boy wizard makes
the white man disappear
Ever notice how “Harry” has this extraordinary ability to conceal white-male power behind (1) “the media”, (2) “the movie industry”, and (3) the wider “society” whom he collectively blames for promoting white women as the beauty ideal? “He” never once, however, acknowledges that it is, in fact, white men who control the mass media and the wider society; and it is they who first installed white women as society’s female beauty ideal (beginning with the KKK-inspired ‘Birth of a Nation’) and they who maintain white women in this role today in Hollywood, the modelling and advertising industries and in countless magazine articles “promoting blonds”! There is something not right here.

How is it that an ‘investigator’ into the dominance of white women in the mass media, is unable to locate white men’s crystal-clear role in advancing this form of white supremacy? Is “he” blind? Is this why “his” righteous indignation isn’t directed at the real source of this racism against women of colour? If “Harry” is indeed wilfully unwilling to identify white men as the primary ‘enemy’ in the marginalisation of women of colour in the mass media, then are not his racist attacks against white women somewhat unjust? His blog promises “to speak the truth about white women”. But evidently only at the expense of not telling the truth about the role elite white males’ play in maintaining this state of affairs!

Sara is “Harry Potter”
It is not surprising that many BU bloggers are fooled into believing that “Harry Potter” is a white male, especially given “his” support of positions held by IR bloggers. Also, “Harry” is conveniently distanced from Black women insofar as “his” “preferred choice of women” are allegedly Asian. This is interesting because Sara has strongly advised Black women to “pursue” white men with the same vigour with which Asian women allegedly pursue them (surely, Asian babes are the ones being pursued!). Needless to say, when giving alleged examples of white women pursuing Black men with similar gusto, she roundly condemns them as “sluts”!

You know, it really appears as though “Harry” and Sara share very similar concerns not least a hatred of white women and for Black men. They also have in common a remarkably similar phraseology and writing style. They are without doubt, the same person! What, however, throws BU bloggers off her trail is that “he” concentrates on racially harassing white women instead of Black men. Sara thus throws around enough red herrings to keep BU bloggers off her scent. But a leopard cannot change its spots, even if we do call it a pigeon! The reality she engineers bears very little resemblance to anything I know as truth! Perhaps she needs to stop confusing matters by pretending to be a racist “white man” when she already does a pretty good interpretation of one by merely being Sara!

To conclude, Sara is a liar and a charlatan whose once hope-filled, and probably, secret teen diaries have been ‘upgraded’ to hate-filled ‘adult’ blogs hidden behind assumed names and death-wish sentiments. Vengeance and hate are her calling cards! It is perhaps a little unfair, therefore, to wish her ill given how deeply unsuccessful she is already in life and love. Certainly, she was once deserving of a father’s love, and possibly even that of a gallant ‘Black Knight’. Unfortunately, however, she doubtless takes after her mother, a bitter, twisted harpy, and like her mother she will pay the price in romantic longing, and life-long loneliness.

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A Guest Blogger's Detailed Analyses of Black Female Inter-Racial Bloggers

Analysing the hidden racial distress signals
of Black women Inter- racial bloggers

by Menelik Charles...London, England

The idea that an ideology of white-male supremacy underpins the IR blogging of Sara and her ‘sisters’ is hardly news. However, Black Unity Bloggers (BU bloggers) often assume that IR bloggers actually believe in what they assert i.e. that white men are inherently superior to Black men. But as I’ve said elsewhere, they believe no such thing! Certainly, I can see how BU bloggers can miss this crucial fact; especially given how often they’re put on the defensive by the sheer unbridled racial viciousness of the attacks levelled against them.

The purpose of this post then is to help move BU bloggers away from mere defensive-counter-arguments, and towards subjecting the underlying motives of IR bloggers to a more penetrative analysis. This is necessary not least because it matters not one jot how righteous is the defence of the ‘Black-male image’ since the likes of Sara and Evia will continue to hate ‘n’ bait Black men until reality intervenes to direct these sad and desperate ‘sisters’ towards their predictably tragic ends.

Imagine if Jewish women sprouted anti-Semitic
attacks against Jewish men while promoting
Jewish female, German male unions

So where might we begin our analysis? Let’s begin by asking ourselves a few questions. To begin with, how possible is it for women of one race to hate ‘n’ bait men of their own race, and then be able to form genuine loving relationships with men of an opposing race? Would it not strike you as odd, for example, if a tiny group of Jewish women launched internet-based anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish men, lauding the virtues of German men, while simultaneously promoting an ideology of Aryan-male supremacy? What could possibly compel Jewish women to call on other Jewish women to seek out intimate relations with German males? An imagined mass rejection by Jewish men in favour of blond-haired German frauleins?

One might wonder why this peculiar group of imaginary (!) Jewish females do not actively promote intimate relationships more generally across the racial and cultural spectrum; say between Jewish women and Black, Latino, Asian or Anglo-Saxon men. And why on earth should such women apparently choose to spew anti-Jewish male rhetoric, and underpin it with Nazi ideology? Because they couldn’t get a date?

If such a group of self-hating Jewish women existed, they would, in fact, have no alternative but to promote intimate relationships with Hitler’s racial heirs over other types of men as this would represents their only hope of sub-consciously:

(1) showing how deeply internalised is their own oppression as Jews, and how
alienated they are from a positive, life-affirming Jewish-group identity;

(2) showing, by dating German men, the extent to which such unions causes them
deep sense of distress despite outward shows of romantic “happiness”;

(3) showing the consequences of the ‘woman scorned syndrome’ (e.g. by forming anti-Semitic alliances with a common foe) if their deep-down desire for a Jewish lover or husband remains unfulfilled.

An additional point here is that ONLY a Jewish woman/German male configuration can provide this intensely enraged and emotionally disturbed group of imagined Jewish females with the necessary anti-Semitic ideology with which to send out intricately-coded distress signals for potential Jewish male ‘saviours’ to decipher. This sub-conscious, clandestine operation is so high risk that the likely response to it is a massive Jewish-male backlash resulting in a further vicious male-baiting by a now increasingly desperate and deranged Jewish-Nazi sisterhood. They may call their campaign one of “empowerment” but, in truth it is a tale of woe since they’re forever complaining about and baiting a group of men they claim they want nothing more to with (easy when you perceive yourself as being rejected by them!).

Back to reality
It’s fair to say that the situation of Jews, though similar to Blacks at various points in history, does not compare to Blacks at this point. No rundown of the current differences is necessary sufficed to say that Jews are white, well-to-do and religiously, morally, financially and militarily supported by every powerful nation-state in the world, including the US. Our reality, by contrast, is so steeped in “dreams differed”, assassinated (Black male) leaders, CIA drug-plots to destabilise Black communities (i.e. Black families), the loss of manufacturing jobs, and all manner of white-male instigated oppressions that would take individual essays merely to introduce the relevant topics, let alone to discuss them at length!

So from problems alluded to but not discussed, there has emerged a conflict between Black men and women that is so perverse in its attempts to inflict pain and public humiliation that its akin to being forced to watch paedophilic porn at gunpoint! Indeed, it’s so wicked in its depth of malevolence that it almost transcends the notion of betrayal! Consider for example, how Sara and Evia represent the only racial group on the net (other than white supremacists) which draws so heavily and explicitly on both the ideology of white supremacy and its descriptive language of Black male “racial, intellectual and moral inferiority”! But how do they square this with the assertion of “Black female empowerment”?

Uniting white racist ideology with “black female empowerment”
First, to achieve unification between white-male racist ideology and so-called “Black female empowerment”, every social, political, economic and material factors impacting on the lives of Black people must be completely ignored by the IR bloggers; especially the social context of white-male instigated. Second, the consequences of these wilfully ignored factors are continually pored over and used as evidence of Black men being “damaged-beyond repair”. Black women, of course, are seen as “victims” - not of any of the factors referred to above but exclusively of Black men by Evia, Sara and their supporters.

Clearly, IR bloggers take a near orgasmic delight in the Black male predicament (which they never acknowledge) and make constant references to its consequences. They therefore deny the causes but embrace the effects! Black men, they declare, are “damaged beyond repair”. Ok. But “damaged” by what or by whom? We are NEVER told. By contrast, any “damage” evident in Black women - from low self-esteem to single parenthood, is as a direct result of some “low or no value” Black male. Interestingly, not once does Sara or Evia speak of ever loving an African-American male! It’s as if (as Sara writes in the comments section on her “Black love is dead!” post) Black men are merely:

“downright over-sexed and sort of uncivilised – not
suitable to be life mates or even casual partners”.

Naturally BU bloggers will react to comments like this with outrage. But stop! We only need to cite the words of slavery’s apologists, modern segregationists or some “maverick” white-male politician, to find exactly the same assertions made in reference to “innocent” Black females! I mean, is having children out of wedlock by one, two or more fathers evidence of sexual chastity, or suitability for life-long partnerships? Are not such Black women “uncivilised” and, from a man’s perspective, suitable only for “casual” sex?

IR bloggers are so consumed by self-hatred that only white racist ideology is sufficient to explain why they are patently unable to acquire a suitable Black “mate” or “even a casual partner” (e.g. because Black men are “uncivilised”). Indeed, they are so embittered that any sensitive Black male would be so unsettled by the aura of contempt which they typically convey (on the street, in the workplace, and at the club) that they’d run a country mile so as to avoid them! Thus, the fact that Black women may out-number Black men in the US, have more college degrees and jobs, is of little consequence here since these IR bloggers are, from the outset, “not suitable as life mates or even casual partners”!

Now here’s a stunning fact
This fact is the real source of their distress, and at some deep-unspoken level they are aware of this. Their blogs, therefore, are a confused manifestation of a primal desire for the very men they continually hate ‘n’ bait. Black men’s true crime in their eyes is that they are the only race of men on the planet deemed collectively more attractive, and sought after, than its females. Not even bi-racial actresses or singers have a comparable sex-symbols status as Black actors, male singers or sport stars! This is surely an unparalleled situation which has, to my knowledge, never once been referred to in any news medium, and so exists instead merely as an easily observable, though unsubstantiated, fact. This situation can only compounds some Black women’s sense of unworthiness and mangled femininity!

Black men must be destroyed
Black men must, therefore, be destroyed if this disturbed group of women cannot possess them. And since white “damsels” - whom Black men have traditionally been warned against associating with by protective Black mothers, and rope-wielding white men, are now free to pursue “tall, dark and handsome men”, they too must be symbolically destroyed (or should that be lynched?). To achieve this symbolic twin-destruction, IR bloggers advocate what amounts to racist alliances (certainly more racist than ‘romantic’) with white men since this is the only means by which to gain the attention of Black men, and more significantly, to sub-consciously seek out a “Black Knight” (yes, a “Black Knight”!) to decode their feminine distress signals and rescue them from their awful plight!

To be continued...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

So Lets Compare.

Is this attack against a teenage girl...

...any less despicable than this attack against a teenage girl?:

I would say that the first one is worse, yet according to most of the black female IR bloggers, aka Something Screwed Crew (SSC), such actions only come from black men. Evidence is not a friend of the SSC.

Thanks to Truth B. Told for the heads up.

And They Say Black Love Is Dead.

Omar Epps and his pregnant wife Kiesha.

It's actually sad that the Something Screwed Crew would actually scoff at these videos. They seem to only cherish a black woman's happiness (or alleged happiness) when a white man is seemingly the source of that happiness. Of course normal people can see the beauty of these moments. Everyone should check these videos out. I think that most of you will be pleased. To the right of the image are links to five couples. Enjoy.