Monday, January 5, 2009

"Black Men Don't Defend Black Women And Children." Part 1.

Several months ago, a video was shown on the news of an adult black male punching out a teenage girl in a McDonald's line. Apparently there was a dispute over his sons' place in line and the place in line of a group of girls. The older girl confronted the man and an argument ensued that reportedly involved the girl cursing the man out. The man responded with two punches which knocked the girl to the ground.

Now much was made of this video by the Something New Crew as well as other black female bloggers who strive on black female victimism. Needless to say, the man's actions were appalling and he deserves to be locked up. No matter what she said to him, he was totally unjustified in putting his hands on her in any way, much less in the fashion that he did. The problem is how certain people have attempted to use this video to black male bash. Let's take a look at this unfortunate video:

Now there are two common ways that the black male bashers have distorted what actually happened in the video. For one, they repeatedly state that the man knocked the girl out. Maipai101 stated in her response that the guy knocked her out, yet if you watch the video closely, the girl jumps up immediately after being knocked down. Now he could have easily knocked her out the way that he punched her, but shouldn't we report events accurately?

The next distortion is how they repeatedly say that a bunch of black men stood around and did nothing. If one looks at the video carefully, there seems to be ONE man that can be reasonably identified as black. Aside from him, we see some Hispanic men and several legs and torsos. The only others who could be reasonably identified as black males were children. From What About Our Daughters we have:

"The attack is disturbing, but look closely at the end of the video. Who goes to this girl’s aid? Not the OTHER fully grown Black men standing around. No they are suddenly rendered MOTIONLESS. Its another CHILD, a little Black girl who is the only person who goes to this girl’s aid."

Again, we have a statement that is not based on an actual close viewing of the film, but rather an assumption. We see ONE man who could reasonably identified as black.

Now on the various black female IR blogs and others like it, they repeatedly claim that if this had been a white girl punched and white men were present, that the white men would have intervened, unlike the one black guy who didn't in the video and the assumed black men in the background. But lets test this theory and take a look at this video:

Now what do we have here? We have a white woman being the victim of a PROLONGED beating at the hands of a white man. And furthermore, we have a group of white men who observe the beating and do absolutely nothing. I want to again stress that this beating was PROLONGED, unlike a quick two punches and an exit done by the black man at McDonald's. Not only did the white man repeatedly punch the woman, he tossed her around repeatedly, kicked her repeatedly, dragged her out of the room, etc. etc. Throughout this beating, a group of white men simply watched and did absolutely nothing.

This video was addressed on the various blogs whereas the black women were using the McDonald's incident as an example of how black men won't defend black women, unlike how white men defend white women. What happened when the second video was brought up in various posts? The posts were either censored out or simply ignored by most of them as they continued to bash black males for "not defending black women".

Part 2 of this topic later.


lormarie said...

Because the black girl got a quick two punches it's somehow not as bad as the other video? The fact that it is an adult vs. a child makes it all the more sickening. Black men generally only defend black men. Thus, black women need to put our interests first.

Truth B. Told said...

I don't think Rocky is saying that the speed of beating makes one video better or worse than the other, only the speed made it harder to intervene on the black girls beating as opposed to the white girls. Also there weren't multiple adult males standing around watching the black girls beating (there were lots of kids), but multiple adult males who did not intervene on the white female.

Rocky said...

You are absolutely right Truth. The point was that the duration of the second video gave the onlookers far, far more opportunity to intervene. The first video gave almost no such opportunity and the most anyone could have done was retaliate against the man after the fact. And you are also correct in that you had a bunch of kids standing around along with a few women and a handful of men, mostly Hispanic.

And lormarie, the notion that black men only defend black men is purely unfounded rhetoric that you will repeat yet never substantiate.

Ebony Intuition said...

I recall seeing both of these videos a friend of mine on facebook sent me the video of the white female being beaten up.

And you are right in the 1st video although what he did was wrong it took place so fast that no one intervened, but the people standing around could have held him after the fact and called the police, but no one did.

The second video the female was being beat up for a long duration and people witnessed it and still did not intervene.

Both men were in the wrong, and the people standing around were in the wrong because they didn't call security or police.

Me personally I have been in situations where black men have defended me and i have been in situations that black men haven't defended me. There was a time on the train were a bw was harrassing me and was going to hit me, mind you this took place during rush hour in toronto in the subway and no one stoped to ask if i was ok and toronto is a multi cultural city (womp), it wasn't until the train pulled in and the designated driver had to tell him to get away from me and asked if i was ok.

Anonymous said...

I think the point that is trying to be made is that it is ridiculous to claim the singular incidences prove one race of man is worse than another, especially when you have men of both races who A) attack women and B) do not defend them. There are so many stories of white boys who have gone nuts and killed their whole families, or gone to schools and killed a bunch of other students. There is the white guy in Lancaster PA who went and killed all those poor little Amish School girls.(He targeted the females) Amish are pacifists and they hardly fit the description of spoiled white females since they don't watch TV (so aren't influenced by the media), dress modestly, work very hard and stay with one spouse their whole lives, so you can't say they "deserved" it either. The vast majority of serial killers are white men. Does that prove that all white men are bad? No. So why should violence committed by certain black men be held against ALL black men. It makes no sense. If one wanted one could find a never ending supply of crimes committed by any one type of person. It just goes to show all people are individuals and should be judged according to their own actions, not those of other people who might look something like them.