Saturday, January 17, 2009

Part 3. They will never honor this guy.

I was reading this article on the ordeal that Terrize Mills and his girlfriend Reagan Foster experienced during Hurricane Katrina and read this interesting part:

"But another relative's fate is a stark reminder of the city's troubles. Terrize's 27-year-old cousin, Tommy Clark, was shot to death in May in the French Quarter. Police said he died defending a woman's honor."

Due to the recent and common tendency of those in the 'Something New'/black male haters pseudo-movement to declare that black men don't defend women, I decided to look more into this. Now note the image of Terrize and Reagan:

Clearly, he is black, thus making it quite fair to say that his cousin Tommy was black. Now lets see what they say here:

"May 9: Jonesboro, Ga.-native Tommy Clark Gentry, 28, is shot in the 200 block of Bourbon Street in the French Quarter, shortly after he had stopped another man who was attacking
three women in a nearby bar."

And here:

"A man assaulted two women in a bar in the French Quarter last week, and then shot and killed a man who came to their aid, police say."

And from the same site:

"Just a couple of weeks ago, there was the shooting of Tommy Clark in the French Quarter while he was escorting two women who were assaulted by the perpetrator."

So what we apparently have here is a clear case of a black man defending more than one black women and loosing his life in the process. Yet the 'Something New Sell-Outs'/black male haters will continue to push the idea that this never happens with black men and they will only be disappointed to hear stories like this; not disappointed that a good man lost his life, but disappointed that he provided an example of something that they don't want the world to know exists. That example is one of honorable and courageous black men.

They also don't want you to see videos like this:


Ebony Intuition said...

Thanks for sharing stories like these about the men who do defend BW.

RainaHavock said...

This so sad. :( I remember when a female student assaulted my mom at school and how her male students came to her aid and got the girl out the classroom. You'll never here things like this.