Monday, January 12, 2009

Black Men Don't Defend Black Women And Children, Part 2

As we continue to focus on the unfounded notion that black men, unlike other men, don't defend black women and children, lets take a look at what is often referred to 'defending' a black woman.

The image above is that of Merlin Santana, a former child actor known for his roles as Stanley on "The Cosby Show" and as Romeo Santana on "The Steve Harvey Show". Santana was murdered on Nov. 9, 2002. One those convicted in his murder was a 15 year old old African American girl named Monique King. This case is discussed here:

"Santana, co-star of television’s "Steve Harvey Show," was shot in the head and killed as he and a friend were in a car leaving another man’s home in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles on Nov. 9, 2002.

Fidler noted that evidence at King’s trial showed the young woman went to co-defendants Damien Andre Gates, 21, and Brandon Douglas Bynes, 25, and lied to them, saying Santana attempted to rape her. Testimony indicated that the defendant’s story "threw Mr. Gates into a fury for whatever reason," the judge said. Gates armed himself with a handgun and rifle, and with Bynes and King, went to find Santana and the victim’s friend.

The judge determined that King aided and abetted the crimes, noting that she knew there was going to be a shooting and she got behind the wheel and drove the other defendants to safety after Santana was killed."

So basically what we have here is a case whereas two black men, in the most extreme fashion, defended the honor of not only a black female, but a black female minor. The result of this was the death of an innocent promising actor and the incarceration of two black men and the young woman herself. And all of this over a LIE. Next...

The image above shows Quintin Wiggins, former vice president of finance at Texas Southern University. His circumstances are discussed here:

Prosecutors said Wiggins helped hide a nearly $300,000 spending spree by the university's now-former president, Priscilla Slade.

So basically, we have a black man who supported and protected a black woman while she spent university money on herself. The result was him going to jail for 10 years. Her trial ended in a hung jury with the chances of her going to trial again being slim. Thus she walks free. Lets look at more:

What we see here is a black woman who got offended that a white guy in line remarked about her attempt to cut the line at the pizza place. She goes on a tangent and calls for her thug/ex-con boyfriend to come in. What happens is quite simple. He comes in to DEFEND her honor (despite her behavior not deserving any defense) and beats the poor guy unconscious. Observe how Evia's brave and honorable white men simply watch the beating and give the poor guy no help. The end result is that the boyfriend gets 4 years for aggravated assault and the woman merely gets probation.

So basically we have three instances of black men defending/protecting/supporting black woman. The results are a dead innocent young actor, four men and one female serving prison time and a badly beaten innocent white man. What this goes to show is there is a fine line between defending black women and being black women's attack dogs. Black men are quite willing to defend and protect black women. Black women must not use such protection as a weapon.


RainaHavock said...

Rocky you know that one you were commenting on at Sara's? Check it again and see how they treat a poor woman named Terri who stated she suffered from abuse.

Rocky said...

What that goes to show is that they don't care about black women suffering abuse. They care about having reasons to bash black men. So a black man abusing a black woman is a good reason. They don't actually care about the woman which is shown by their responses to Terri.

A white man can beat a sistas ass. That's acceptable. But don't let a brotha do it.

RainaHavock said...

@Rocky: For real it was sicking. I thought maybe they have some conscious but what they did to Terri...SMDH they should be ashamed. And there are more women like her out their too. Some didn't end up so lucky as you saw my post on Domestic violence. Did you leave a comment or have you been blocked? I think comment would be waist of my time since they approve everything.

Mr Laurelton Queens said...

Everybody hit it right on the nail.

The thing is white men don't even defend them at all. They hardly have any links of white men defending them. They actually speak for white men.

I read one of Evia's entry and she says " Some white men are afraid to say how they feel so I do it for them".

So you want a man that is afraid to stick up for you. That is real sad. She speaks of reciprocation. I guess it does not apply to white men.

Rocky said...


Do you recall the Seattle Mardi Gras riots several years back? You had a riot break out in an overwhelmingly white crowd that involved a relatively small group of young black males and black females going through the crowd brutally assaulting white males AND WHITE FEMALES. Some of the white women who were assaulted by the black men had their clothing torn off. The black females would steal things off of folks after they were beaten senseless. One white man died of his injuries and Jennifer Blasingame, a white female, was brutally beaten on live television by a black guy.

What did all of those white men in the crowd do about this? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They either watched or ran away.

During 911, two white stewardesses apparently attempted to block the cockpit door in order to protect the pilots and the hijackers cut their throats. There were 80 passengers on that flight, most of whom (if not all) were white. What did the white men do while these Arab terrorists cut these white women's throats? NOTHING!

Evia simply makes sh*t up.

Here are more examples of white women being protected by their "men".

RainaHavock said...

Also the black woman who I told you about earlier told me that when she went on this date with another white guy he got mad that she wouldn't go home with him so he started cussing her out and grabbing on her arm when she was trying to leave. She told me two black men came up to help her and he ran off like a little bitch. So they can't say shit about that.

Mr Laurelton Queens said...


Man your so right Rocky and Raina. Black men may not be perfect But a good quarter of black men are in prison for defending black women or for the perception of "black female: they personally know being harmed or threaten in some manner.

You know how many club shoot outs happen over black women in clubs. Not to say it is ok but never say black men don't protect black women.

The problem is black on black crime is so high because of pride.

Yea trust me man. Keep thinking black men don't defend black women. I seen it first hand what happens. Especially if she is related to that black man.

All hell breaks loose!

SmartBlkGirl said...

Are you serious? that last video just turned your whole blog into a joke. That is vile, dispicable, stereotypical behavior. How is that right??? I never want my man to act like that.

You probably won't publish this b/c it goes counter to your argument but it need to be said. How u gunna counter IR blogs with this ghetto mess?

Rocky said...

SmartBlkGirl said...

Are you serious? that last video just turned your whole blog into a joke. That is vile, dispicable, stereotypical behavior. How is that right??? I never want my man to act like that.

But clearly the BLACK WOMAN in that video wanted her man to act like that and in his mind he was defender her. She was more than satisfied with his actions and would have been disappointed if he had not responded in such a way.

You probably won't publish this b/c it goes counter to your argument but it need to be said. How u gunna counter IR blogs with this ghetto mess?

You confuse me with your cowardly IR blog cohorts. I don't censor. I meet your "counter" head on. This "ghetto mess" you refer to is quite common and when you and yours cite ridiculous behavior by some black men, you generalize it toward all black men instead of separating it as "ghetto mess". Yet here, you don't want to generalize black women based on this one ghetto black woman. The double standards are so apparent.

Anonymous said...

Rocky's site serves to balance all the anti-male feminism posted by hateful women.