Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wisdom from brotha Menelik.

I just had to repost this comment from Menelik Charles, one of our brothas from London. As much as we can go on and on analyzing the mentality of these IR promoting women, it is really simple to peg them and Menelik pegs them perfectly with this post that I simply could not let remain only in the comments section of an old post. It needed to be placed upfront.


the IRR sisters do not perceive white men as being intrinsically superior to Black men...far from it in fact!

Instead they see (and write about) Black men "rejecting" them for white, light, and Latino women and this wounds them deeply as it is not only romantic and sexual rejection in their eyes but especially racial rejection!

The scorned 'sistas', who already have issues with colour and hair texture, then seek out white men with whom to form what we see as romantic unions but are instead RACIAL ALLIANCES in which the white male is a silent partner!

It's an unspoken contract in which the Black female promotes white male superiority over the Black male in exchange for a symbolic honorary white status.

The stress this 'contract' causes Black women is immeasurable and so they seek to displace it onto the men who continue to occupy their hearts...Black men!

Thus, we must interpret all of their IRR work as sub-conscious distress signals or SOSs'. Thing is, only a Black man could possibly read the signal correctly. White boys would never have a clue!

Menelik Charles
London England
Brilliant and truthful analysis. You really should start your own blog bro. You'll have my support.


Mr Laurelton Queens said...

I think Menelik just opened my eyes.

That was short and to the point.

It is a desperate call for "attention".

I knew this all along.

RainaHavock said...

I agree he does makes good points.

malarki5 said...

Thanks Bothers & Sista,

your comments and appreciation are more than welcome! I'm not sure about starting my own blog, Rocky but I welcome the space you offer to allow me to comment freely.

What I do have on the go at the moment, however, is a book whose material has taken me nearly 20 years to collect. It's entitles There's Something about Black Women.

It deals with matters such as IRRs', mother-daughter relations, BM-BW relations and slavery's pernicious influence on all of the above issues.

So, yeah, I'm on the IR bloggers case, especially 'sister' Sarah, who doubles up as "Harry Potter" on the "White Women Suck!" blog. Yep, I've studied the hand writing and the phrasology...its her!

Anyway, thanks Rocky for the appreciation!

Menelik Charles

ps bro Laurelton, go easy on the dissing of the ir crew. They are using ya 'bad wud' 2 misrepresent your cause!

RainaHavock said...

@malarki5:I wouldn't be surprised. That book sounds interesting.

RainaHavock said...

Oh guest what guys. I've had to comments deleted she who name shall not be spoken and it's not the one with an e. :)

Rocky said...

Giving her a taste of her own medicine huh?

Anonymous said...

i completely agree that Sara is actually Harry Potter, and I also think she posts some of the anonymous comments on her blog.

RainaHavock said...

@Rocky:But of course darling and she can't handle it. ;)