Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lies Exposed

Well, this just goes to show the levels of lying a scorned sista will go to. I have always said this. When you go to these various IR/BF Empowerment blogs, you get so many claims that, if you really look deep into them, are quite far fetched and questionable. Their generalizations are easily discredited with figures and research (as well as common sense) and I find their claims regarding what happens in their personal lives very unbelievable.

Gina Mccauley recently used the words of Steve Harvey's ex-wife, Mary Shackelford, as another justification for her multiple attempts to discredit Steve Harvey and his two "relationship" books. Of course judging his advice to women on how men think (which, in my opinion is fairly sound advice) based solely on the advice itself is unthinkable to her. She MUST judge the man as opposed to the advice because all to often, women will not accept men knowing more about men than women do. Seriously, many women feel that they can tell us how we think and will dispute us when we tell them how we think.

Steve does not give relationship advice per say. He gives advice to women on how to deal with men. I could accept the criticism more if he was giving advice to men on how to deal with women since that implies that he has had success in doing so, but a man, especially a man who has experienced so much including the ups and downs, is probably the best source of information for women who are trying to figure us out. Unfortunately, MANY women only accept all of their advice on how men think from other women.

But back to Mary Shackelford. Here is the article on the recent revelations:

Well, it appears Steve
was telling the truth after all. The news arrived in resounding
fashion, as a Dallas court issued a temporary injunction forcing Harvey’s ex
wife, Mary Shackelford, to refrain from releasing more YouTube
s or conducting future interviews that disparage her marriage to

Shackelford released three YouTube videos in which she blasted Harvey,
claiming that he left her homeless and turned her son against her. Immediately
following the release of the videos, Harvey refuted the claims, vowing to have
his day in court.
That day would come in a big way, as the courts found the

The Court finds Movant BRODERICK S. HARVEY’S relief is granted.
Further, the Court finds that:

1. Respondent MARY LEE HARVEY was not homeless or evicted from her home
and was awarded three (3) homes in the property settlement;

2. Movant, BRODERICK S. HARVEY did not take, withhold or turn the child
against Responded, MARY LEE HARVEY.

3. Respondent, MARY LEE HARVEY willingly placed the child on an
airplane and sent him to MR. HARVEY without his knowledge.

The court also found that Harvey had awarded his wife $40,000 a month
since 2005, until March 2009 when she received a payment of $1.5

Wow … that doesn’t sound like the life or bank account of a destitute
woman. Harvey’s “love guru” status may have taken a hit, but one has to believe
that he’s glad to have the truth on his side. The couple will meet in court on
March 10, 2011, to address a little matter of contempt of court. –djr

So she lied and lied very aggressively. I was listening to her on the Tom Joyner show expressing these falsehoods passionately. It just goes to show that you can't take the sensationalized, passionate arguments of scorned women at face value. You can't believe the far fetched implications of a Sandra Rose that black women are walking down the streets in fear. You can't trust it when they try to convince the world that black women are living in so much terror and pain. They are most likely doing exactly what Shackelford was doing. They are scorned women who rant and having accuracy in their rants is not a priority. Truth becomes the victim of a delete button.


Anonymous said...

"Hell has no fury like a woman scorned"

It's a woman thing.

Not a BLACK woman thing.

We could find hundreds of cases in history of scorned women doing far worse than "lying". I can name a few that ended up as murders and etc. These women were of different races and time periods, so it's not a today thing or even a black woman thing but rather a woman thing.

Steve Harvey's advice books are horrible.

He is talking out of his ass and I would rather shoot a nail in my foot than read his book. It was a joke and he is a joke.

Talk about a man with multiple failed marriages and god knows how many failed relationships.

What's next, Tiger Woods wants to write a book? Maybe even Elizabeth Taylor?

Rocky said...

The post didn't make this out to be anything exclusive to black women, though the IR bloggers were my main emphasis. When IR bloggers bash black men, do you argue that bad things done by black men are not exclusive to black men?

And if you would rather shoot a nail in your foot than read his books, that apparently means that you have not read his books? In that case, how do you know that his books are "terrible"? You seem to have actually shot yourself in the foot with that statement.

Sylvia Hubbard is a divorced single mother. Have you written to her blog calling her a "joke"?

Steve Harvey has had two failed marriages. That is all that you know. Speculating on his other relationships is meaningless.

Also, Steve has said more than once:

"I'm not giving you advice on marriage, I'm giving you advice on men".

Is that concept so difficult to understand?

Andrew said...

Good post.

When will the slandering end with these black women?

I am no fan of Steve Harvey but I am glad he got his side of the story out. People were under the impression he left her broke.

She got a good sum of money since 2005 and 1.5 million. The kid ain't even with her.

I am going to be the next Steve Harvey. I won't release the title of the book yet. I keep saying that lol. I am going to find time to write a book.

For the record a couple black women I know liked the book. They just said it was common sense most of it. It is on the best seller's list.

Obviously, a large segment of black women are reading the book whether they like Steve Harvey or not.

These black women need to stop acting like the Super Bowl Ad. LOL They need a Pepsi can at themselves.

Good work Rocky

Rashida said...

Hey Rocy,

I'm not a fan of Harvey at all but I was definitely disturbed by the blind support this woman was receiving on the Internet.

She was also his second wife which leads me to believe that she may have also been a mistress of Steve's at worst and at best she knew he had a prior failed marriage and her chances of success with him were slightly lower. Just like I hope the current Mrs. Harvey realizes that she may also not be his last stop.

Anyway, your point about scorned women is very important. In their youth men are rejected, cheated on and pretty much humiliated by women. Not all men, but most. My husband loves to remind me that when we met I continued to date around a bit while it was clear he was willing to drop everything. Keep in mind, I was 21!! LOL! But when I think back on that time period, those first few weeks, I was really indifferent to how he felt about us being exclusive. His persistence is what eventually made me give up other suitors. He would have been well within his rights to move on and im sure he would have if I strung him along. He's no dummy! Anyway my point is that when women are at the height of their youth and beauty, we tend to take men for granted. We have suitors pouring out of our ears and can often be cruel and not even know it. Lying to guys, cheating on them, stringing them along, etc. But all that changes when we get older. And men do not forget how they were treated! They remember every stuck up girl that dissed them, every girl they loved that cheated, etc. Neither sex really handles scorn well, it's just that men hold most of the power once we enter adulthood and they wield that power by selecting women for their own reasons, often ignoring criticisms and "warnings" from other women. Men do what they want to do while women do what they have
to do.

Women usually want men to "get over" being ridiculed as kids and teens, ignore the often harsh behavior of young women, "grow up", etc. But women are allowed to take any hurt or pain no matter how old or insignificant and use that as an excuse for any one of her many issues. Hence black women often saying that black women are baby mamas because they have low self esteem caused by black men. Imagine if black men said they are more prone to participating in criminal activities because they have low self esteem? They'd be laughed off stage. But it could be just as true.

Women's pain and anguish = validity for a lifetime of poor decisions

Men's pain and anguish = fuel to overcome obstacles and succeed

Menelik Charles said...

Sister Rashida said:

when women are at the height of their youth and beauty, we tend to take men for granted. We have suitors pouring out of our ears and can often be cruel and not even know it. Lying to guys, cheating on them, stringing them along, etc. But all that changes when we get older. And men do not forget how they were treated! They remember every stuck up girl that dissed them, every girl they loved that cheated, etc.

Menelik says:

this is so utterly but it's something men are loathed to talk about lest we be called bitter, angry, or acting like women! Please check out this YouTube dispute in which a conscious Black man has a voice-mail correspondence exposed on YouTube by a vengeful young sister:

Also pay careful attention to the exchanges I had with the sister concerned and how she tried to justify her actions with something she hadn't previously referred to in the video or elsewhere. Note also that she deemed his actions as behaving like "emotionally unstable female".

The whole thing was an attempt at shaming and revenge!

Please view it.

Menelik Charles
London UK

ReadingByLearning said...

Right on!... and it is a very small minority of black women who perpetuate half truths about black males! Unfortunately ,the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Sober! Necessary! Expose! Great job, Rocky!

Anonymous said...

Within the black community women hold the "soft" power that is the power to shape the dialogue. No one really wants to admit that because the black woman as the eternal victim is far more lucrative. It would be foolish of me to act as though there are no serious issues facing black women, however this pretense that they are powerless and victims of black men's wanton behavior must cease if we are to truly progress as a community.

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