Sunday, March 1, 2009

So Lets Compare.

Is this attack against a teenage girl...

...any less despicable than this attack against a teenage girl?:

I would say that the first one is worse, yet according to most of the black female IR bloggers, aka Something Screwed Crew (SSC), such actions only come from black men. Evidence is not a friend of the SSC.

Thanks to Truth B. Told for the heads up.


Mr Laurelton Queens said...

I thought the white man loves all black women.

Really interesting.

Oli said...

The first one is worse, but both should NOT be happening

Mr Laurelton Queens said...

I just saw the video.

That is a damn shame that Seattle gets beating like that and the sellout black women say nothing about it.

The girl was on the news talking about what happened with her father. I guess this is what the white man does to protect them. Beat them down and pull them by their hair.

Man I wish a cop would do that to me that mutherfucker would have to tase me. They know already that is why they have to bring so many cops after 1 black man. I guess this coward gets off on beating on little girls.

Anonymous said...

The first one is worse, because the man is trusted with authority and is doing violence to someone weaker than himself. It's the same with the Black cop in Walmart that punched out the 73 year old greeter down, and the Black cop here some years ago that gunned down a weaponless Black teenager. Of course, that was just a blip in the national papers ... we all know why.

But that's the way men snap ... I think men have alot on their plate nowadays. It is NOT right, but I think it's more of a testosterone issue than a melanin one. It's also how right or left brained a man is ... and to an extent how he was brought up, how much control he has over himself.

lormarie said...

This is disgusting but the fact still remains: MORE BLACK WOMEN ARE TREATED THIS WAY AND WORSE BY BLACK MEN THAN BY WHITE MEN. Let's not ignore black on black crime.

RainaHavock said...

Someone is making excuses again and they know who they are Rocky. ;)

Anonymous said...

@ her

thats like saying "and black women are less feminine than white women"!

What is her point? Why doesn't just "seperate" and leave Black men alone???????? Why the need to constantly engage/drag Black men to a place where she will never concede that you have a valid point?

Jesus I hate ugly people...of any fucking colour!

Menelik Charles
London England