Friday, November 12, 2010

Even The President Has To Take The Fault

I have a lot of respect for First Lady Michelle Obama. She seems to be a woman of class and elegance, yet this statement shows that she is not unique in all of her perspectives and does subscribe to at least some of the idiosyncrasies common with women. In response to a question of who apologizes first when she and The President have an argument she says:

'I always wait for the president to say sorry because I am a woman,'

This statement goes a long way in showing the modern dynamic not only common with black relationships, but common with relationships in general. Women expect certain treatment for no legitimate reason so they resort to the “chivalry” card, even if “chivalry” does not even apply.

I am not familiar with a man apologizing first falling under the umbrella of chivalry. What this shows is the tendency to try and create an atmosphere of automatically giving in to the whims of women and in this case, using it as a way to facilitate the strong trend for black women to not take fault for anything.

Logically, one would conclude that the person who generally apologizes first is the person who is in the wrong. By saying that your husband always has to apologize says that you always have to be right. This mentality prevents black women from any sense of self-reflection. They often don’t see fault within themselves and when they do, they attribute those faults to outside forces. They blame their excess weight on their children, job schedule, etc. They blame their bad relationships on the men they choose to have relationships with. They blame their single status on the men around them. They blame their status as single mothers on the fathers of their children. They exclude any blame on that which they have the most control over and that is them themselves. Thus, nothing ever changes. They can’t change the behavior of the people around them to compliment their character, they can’t change normal functioning of society around them and they refuse to change or alter themselves.

When this happens, they resort to bitching. They verbally lash out at the world around them including the men they interact with, black men. They make anti-black male blogs, proclaim that there are no good black men, try to use white men and the notion of interracial dating as some type of means of payback, criticize white women, etc. This is why the IR bloggers are strict about moderation. They don’t want their faults thrown at them because doing so tosses a monkey wrench in their need to point the finger at everyone but themselves.

Then they resort to straw man arguments. When they are advised to take responsibility for themselves, they treat it as if folks are asking them to take all responsibility for the black community. Simply asking them to stop sexually rewarding thuggish behavior in men, not allow themselves to be impregnated outside of wedlock, not be so pugnacious, put some priority on keeping your man happy, etc. is treated as placing the burdens of society upon them. Studies have shown that black men participate in housework and childcare more than any other group of men whether the wife works or not, yet you have the IR bloggers declaring black women to be the mules of the black community. If they take the true informal definition of “mule” (somebody regarded as stubborn or intractable), they may have a point, but the definition that they apply to the word actually does not apply.


Kid W/Golden Arms said...

nice blog...

I think some of these women run the same playbook. What they are saying now was the same thing they were saying in the 90s, which prompted shahrazad ali to come out. A number of them seem to follow patterns indicitive of people with narcissistic/histrionic traits...just my is a website I found that could help you with this blog alot...lots of info to go through..

Rocky said...

Thanks for the comment and link. That is a great blog.

Andrew said...

Nice, I never saw that dynamic.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Mr Laurelton Queens

Anonymous said...

Here we go again.

It's a woman thing, not a bw thing. How in the hell did you blow this up into a bw thing is beyond me.

Show me the report where it says that bm are more involved.

I've yet to see a report stating that.

of course, that only counts when they get married. Which isn't as often as wm or am. overall, bm aren't that active in their kids lives since black boys are falling beyond and their future is looking pretty fucked up.

even those in two parent homes are failing.

Rocky said...

The report you request anonymous is here:

Allen (1981), looking at wives’ reports, found black wives reported a higher level of father involvement in childrearing than did white wives. McAdoo (1988) and Bowman (1993) also concluded that black fathers are more involved than white fathers in childrearing. However, Roopnarine and Ahmeduzzaman (1993), and Hossain and Roopnarine (1994) find no or insignificant racial differences in the level and quality of married fathers’ involvement. Across races, fathers in married-couple families were about equally involved with their children, which in all cases was less than mothers.

Bright and Williams (1996) conducted a small qualitative study of seven low- to middle-income black fathers in two-parent families in an urban area. They found these fathers worked collaboratively with their wives to nurture their children and that chief among their concerns were rearing children with high self-esteem, protecting their family members in unsafe environments, securing quality education, and having a close relationship with their children. Marsiglio (1991) also found black fathers to talk more and have positive engagement with their older children.

Another interesting report is here:

"When marriage fails or fails to form, when mothers and fathers do not commit to one another, nurturing fatherhood typically dwindles away. Over time, unmarried and divorced fathers tend to disengage from their children � both emotionally and financially. This is true for fathers of all races and classes. Although one study suggests that unmarried Black fathers are more likely to spend time with their children than are unwed white and Hispanic fathers, the evidence is quite strong that over time single fathers of all races tend to separate from their children and families, and that marriage significantly increases the likelihood that a child will grow up being nurtured by his or her father."[22]

Rocky said...

It's a woman thing, not a bw thing. How in the hell did you blow this up into a bw thing is beyond me.

The modern trend of men not being in their sons' lives is not a bm thing, it's a man thing. How in the hell did you blow this up into a bm thing is beyond me.

My statement above demonstrates how hypocritical many of the detractors are. You specify black men because apparently you feel that such traits are significantly more common with us. Well, I feel that the traits that I discussed in my post are significantly more common with and generally more intense in black women.

Here is some more good information for you here and here.

Anonymous said...


It's a bm and hm men thing since more than half of those kids are growing up in single parent homes and black boys are falling behind everyone in the United States.

Their future is looking grim. One would conclude that their fathers and mothers are failing them but yet black girls are in a better state. I wonder why?

1981 (30 years ago)

But in 1993 and 1994, researchers found no difference.

Also the book is biased because it's hoping to make black men look like better fathers when in fact, statistics and the overall poor state of the black man and his son suggest otherwise.

Both links mean nothing to me because I don't care about black boys. Let them kill each other off. My tax money is being saved and I don't have a father, brother, cousin or male friend in my life that's black so the men can kick rocks.

I'm glad that America is finally seeing what bw have to deal with. bm and boys are like dead weight that should be dropped off on the side of the road a long time ago. I don't even understand why anyone cares.

Just for the record even black boys in two parent homes are dumb as a door knob and have a reading and math level that is far worse than what people expected. Father , no father, they fail anyways.

Rocky said...

Well Anon lets see. Black men on average have higher incomes than black women. Black men on average score higher on the SAT and GRE than black women. Black men achieve more Professional Degrees than black women (the degrees that bring in the most money).

Sixty percent of both black men and black women are in the work force (an even percentage).

Black females score on average almost an entire standard deviation lower than white women on IQ exams.

White women with college degrees have higher hourly wages than black women with college degrees.

Now lets look at the supposed high number of college degreed black women:

Around 30% of black women go to college. Around half of them graduate. Thus, around 16% of black women achieve college degrees. This is compared to around 12% of black men gaining college degrees. Thus, 84% of black women have no college degree while 88% of black men have no college degree. NOT A BIG DIFFERENCE RIGHT?

Let's look at drop-outs:

According to government data, 26 percent of Hispanic girls leave school without a diploma, compared with 13 PERCENT of black girls and 6.9 percent of white girls.

The only group that has a higher dropout rate among all students is Hispanic boys. Thirty-one percent of Hispanic boys drop out, compared with 12.1 PERCENT of black boys and 7.7 percent of white boys.

Even years when the drop-out rate is higher for black boys, it is only slightly higher than the rate for black girls.

And the research on how much better black boys do academically in two parent households is extensive. So get with reality and look in the mirror before you point fingers. All of the information debunking your baseless claims will be presented here unlike on the sites for your censoring buddies. So get ready.

Andrew said...

Let me respond to that comment.

I read the article about black boys failing. But you seem to forget one thing. The same rope that hangs black boys can hang black girls too.

If you got a group of black boys who cannot make the grade. This will directly affect black girls, who have children with the same "dead weight you speak of". A majority of black girls date boys from their community. Sorry to burst your bubble but I don't see young white boys coming into the black community for Tameka.

Oh yea, don't give me that bs about black girls going to the white community for a date. Men should be chasing women not the "other away around".

You fail to realize , like many of your sellout "ilk" non black men pick black women LAST. I have heard every excuse as to why they pick you last. I figure you will give another one.

As for your comments about the education of black boys, that is very true. Middle class black boys are not doing as "well" as poor white boys. Overall, all boys are not doing that well in the education system.

Guess what, American school kids OVERALL are not making the grade. There are more women "in college" than men. That includes the precious white boys "you worship". I read an article where they literally have to knock on door to get boys to consider college.

So, bascially you are competing with the small pool of college educated men "in college and out". A white girl in college said "she has to condone cheating" because there are so many women that want her man.

Lastly, everybody loses if these young boys (regardless of color) do not make the grade.

You think a "young girl" looks at boys the same way YOU DO as a MIDDLE AGED WOMAN.

Wake up idiot. Go watch "16 and pregnant with all these white girls with white boys that barely finished high school".

The sad state of boys in the education system involves all races of boys with the exception of Asian boys.

Good day

Menelik Charles said...

Bro Rocky,

it's great to see you back blogging; the blogsphere has been a poorer place without you!

As regards sista Michelle, well, I think, to be fair, her attitude is tailor-made for a beta-male personality. This may appear an odd thing to say of "the most powerful made in the world" but power (although a wonderful aphrodisiac for the frisky female) does not always denote alpha as Jimmy Carter's presidency confirms.

To be sure, Michelle is an overall attractive, almost defiantly sexy, sista but there's little doubt that her attitude to conflict resolution (i.e. a one-way apology from male to female) would be a deal-breaker in a potential relationship with a more masculine, self-respecting, rational, Brotha.

Just saying.

Menelik Charles
London UK

Menelik Charles said...

Bro Rocky,

I was having a discussion here:

in which I made the claim that Black females generally become sexually active earlier than other races of females. I know I read somewhere that this was true: is it? Any links, Bro.

Rocky said...

Brutha Charles! Great to hear from you. I think that you can find what you are looking for at this link.

Menelik Charles said...

@ bro Rocky,

thanks. The link was great!

Anonymous said...

53 percent of black males were unemployed in 2009 in Milwaukee.
In other major cities black males also have a very high unemployment rate. The black male unemployment rate is a lot higher than black females and a lot high than any other racial group.
Black women with college degrees were out earning white women. Not sure what it is now.

Correct, BW do have a lower IQ than WW but WM the highest IQ and Black Males have the lowest IQ and the gap between bw and bm is larger compared to ww and wm.
I found one on the SAT and BW did score lower than WW but BM scored lowered than WW, WM, and BW.
They actually scored lower than everyone.

Also Black Males have a lower Graduation rate from high school and college. Take into consideration population size in which black women have a gained over them by how many millions?
Black Males also have a reading and math level that are lower than anyone in the United States. The middle class boys had a reading score similar to those of poor white boys.

I believe it was last year that they had a dropout rate of 48 percent!
They are also more likely to be in prison than other racial group or sex.

I think they are far worse than bw and everyone else in the United States.

I'm not sure why anyone cares. Over bm are doing far worse than bw in education, prison, jobs, IQ, and SAT scores. Future is looking grim.

Andrew said...

Let me respond to the low "IQ" bullshit.

If white people have the highest IQ, why are so many of them in the "struggling class"? Why are they living in a trailer addicted to meth and cocaine? You can have a high IQ but have personal problems that lead you down a path of destruction.

I watch "intervention". They always have sympathy for the white kids that are on dope. Oh "Billy" was a honor student and etc. He got such a high IQ and can't get off dope.

There is a misconception here that you have to be "genius" to be successful. Clearly, Sarah Palin is not the brightest "crayon" in the box but she is a shrewd politician. There are people that support her. Even though she managed to make up a word called "refudiate". (No such word).

This where the IQ shit fails. Since I work in the computer field. Many of my calls are from "older white folks". They don't even know what a modem or browser is. To be fair, not everybody is a computer expert. But seriously you can't even turn off your computer!

Obviously, you can't expect to know "everything" in life. But the mere fact you are on the computer everyday and can't seem to distinguish the difference between a modem and the computer you are on. It makes me question the "IQ" of white trash.

The same "White Trash" that blames minorities for all their failings in life. There are no jobs "for them" in this changing "economy".

Well use your high "IQ" white trash and create a job for yourself since you are the superior race.

I have never done well on tests. I could care less about tests. I did average on the LSAT (for getting into law school). I scored horrible on the (GRE) for graduate school and they were "still" going to let me in. I am dyslexic also. I plan to take those tests again. I wasn't really focused back in my early 20s.

You can always improve your education. That is what I tell young boys. I was never a scholar in my youth. I finished high school at 19 (real old). I barely got into community college. I excelled in my Undergrad degree getting on the dean's list. I steadily improved.

I managed to carve out a living for myself, while "high IQ" white folks asking me how do you get a high paying job working from home?

Child Please!

Anonymous said...


Yes, white men have been pretty tough on Michelle. Granted, he is impart because of her husbands politics. They were pretty bad or worse with Hillary though. However, Evia said that white men loved Michelle Obama and that because of it, no black man has ever said anything negative about her because black men follow white men in their tastes.


Rocky said...

To anonymous

First of all, Milwaukee is not the United States. You can’t use one city to represent black America.

Next. The unemployment rate represents the percentage of those who were working, lost jobs and filed for unemployment. That number doesn’t represent the civilian labor force participation rate. For example, the unemployment rate for white men is higher than the unemployment rate for white women, yet the percentage of white men in the labor force is 15% higher than it is for white women. Typically, groups who have a higher representation in the work force tend to have a higher unemployment rate because you have to have been employed in the first place in order to have been terminated. Men of all races have higher unemployment rates than the women.

Now, according to this link, the white male unemployment rate is about 22% higher than the white female unemployment rate. The black male unemployment rate is about 28% higher than the black female unemployment rate. Of course, you will make a big deal celebrating the difference between 22% and 28%, but that is not a statistically significant difference. What is significantly different is the fact that the unemployment rate for black females is 74% higher than for white females. Yes, the black male unemployment rate is 83% higher than the white male unemployment rate, yet 74% and 83% are within a very similar range. Person’s such as yourself will latch on to the 83% while pretending that the 74% doesn’t exist.

Now, let’s look at the civilian labor force participation rate. Note that around 69% of black males are in the labor force compared to around 63% of black women. So, in truth, a higher percentage of black men work than black women and on average black men have higher incomes. Typically, around 75% of white men are in the labor force. That is not a significant difference from the 69% of black men in the labor force. The 6% difference is similar to the 6% difference between black men and black women.

Also, you may want to look closely at your own links when you provide them. The combined SAT score for black men is 865 compared to 851 for black women.

Do you not recall the report that median net worth of the average single black woman is about $5.00?

Did you not read where black women are a higher percentage of the female prison population than black men are of the male prison population?

Regarding high school drop-outs, the same source for your dropout rate has black females dropping out at near 40%. Boys of all races dropout at a higher rate than girls and many stats have Hispanic boys dropping out at a higher rate than any group.

Rocky said...

Uh, Kigali. When did Evia's statements ever become truth? Evia is NOT a source. And you contradict yourself when you say the white men "love Michelle" after saying that white men have been tough on her. Which is it and why have black men not followed the white male lead in being tough on her?

The answer is that white men don't influence how black men treat black women. Black women influence this and Michelle has the respect of most black men due to showing class, not marrying for money or chasing a thug, etc.

Mr Laurelton Queens said...

Evia is an idiot. You are right Rocky.

I can't recall any black man saying anything negative towards Michelle Obama. They never said anything bad even before Barak Obama became president. Her reputation in the black community is respected. Her father was a prominent man in that community.

The problem with Evia and her sellout ilk. They would LIKE the status and respect Michelle Obama has. They are not getting that. They have to prove a point.

It is not enough to have a "white man" for some sellout black women. They want to prove the point that they are living the "perfect life" with a white man. They can't handle the ridicule and rejection. Look at Jade and the Dr Laura situation. The white woman had the audacity to say "well don't be with a white guy". That is her "opinion" on it. You can't get mad if someone gives you advice you do not like!

That is why they rarely talk about the "problems" in their relationships with white guys. Debra Dickerson proved that. Her White ex husband put her on the streets with her two mixed kids.

You know how much you got to hate a woman to put her on the street with YOUR kids!

The funny thing is when Debra Dickerson "fell from grace". The sellout black women kind of just "blamed" her for the downfall. They said stuff like, "she ain't save her money". She didn't "think ahead" or "she should have done this" blah blah.

No pointing fingers at the culprit, the white guy that drained her savings and left her destitute. Just like the "Prince Albert" incident.

I won't even get into the conservative white men she was a mule for on television shows. They haven't come to her rescue at all. From my understanding, those conservative white men are the men she "owes" money to (lawyer friends she calls them).

Sellout black women are being hoodwinked again.

Anonymous said...

Higher percentage? Really Rocky?

Lets look twice at that.
How is the percentage higher when in 2008, Black Women had over 20,000 less than Ww? BM have the highest number of any race or sex. Just to be technical, it's 85,300 different from white males and 533,700 different from black females.

Compared to the 426,800 for white males and females. Which means that for every 1 bw in prison there is 19 bm. Compared to every 1 ww to 9 wm.

Yeah I saw the median thing. White women marry/date white men and therefore, I expect them to have more money. Also, they are less likely to be supporting family and friends. As the study also stated. In other words, it's just them and their money.

Also when you include single mothers, that alone is enough to make the number go down since white females are less likely to be single mothers and the economic position of their children's father (white) allows them to save money more because they aren't the only ones supporting their kids.

Black Women have to deal with unemployment rates about black males, incarceration and lower paying jobs compared to white females who husbands and baby daddys make more, less likely to be in prison and has a lower unemployment.

Again this is the single black woman and there are plenty of single black women who are also mothers.

Also you are you reading? I see that but women have a lower participation compared to me and the gap between bm and bw is a lot smaller than ww and wm. Also looking at the numbered the unemployment rate gap is larger and the number of others.

also the rate is one thing but the civilian labor force number higher for bw than it is bm and number of employed is also higher.

True but the gap between bw and bm is 14 percent. Larger than any other racial group and bw have population on their side because for every 2 black females, there is one bm. more than half of the bm drop out of high school. 54% to be exact.

The SAT scores are on your side. Just for the record, the gap between us and ww is a lot smaller than bm and ww. Women as a whole score lower.

Menelik Charles said...


for someone so unconcerned about the lives of Black men and boys, you spend an inordinate amount of time delving into all aspects of their existence.


just asking!

Menelik Charles
London UK

Rocky said...

The report noted that the percent increase in female prisoners was almost twice that of male prisoners. Black women make up a larger share of their gender incarcerated than in any other group.

And please stop using raw numbers as opposed to rates. Why would you judge black men based on lower total population? Deal with rates and percentages. Heck, if I did that, I could argue that their are far more unemployed white men than black men.

And also note that white women with degrees have higher hourly wages than black women with degrees. Black women with degrees have overall higher incomes due to working more hours.

Andrew said...

I see the statistics being thrown back and forth.

Bottom line is "men" are struggling in this recession. The economists even mention this. So how do sellout black women propose to compete against other women for the few "successful men out there"?

White women are barely getting enough men for themselves. That is why you got so much man stealing going on and etc. You got so much loose women it is damn shame. How can you trust a loose woman? How can you trust a woman that "bashes" their own men?????

If you eliminate the women with multiple kids, obese, non educated, and just plain not "dating material".

That is a lot of women to "eliminate" before you find a good woman suitable for yourself.

I personally think the desperation of women "from all colors and background" is increasingly pathetic. I don't know if "times are changing". It was sort of unheard for a woman to beg you for shit. Now they do it "all the time".

They just feel their entitled to everything.

Even, if white men was doing "well" as they claim. You bear the burden of gold diggers, money hungry hos regardless of color.

I kind of laugh when white guys say I am doing this and that.

I see them years later on child support, alimony, lost their home. All that hard work down the drain. Because you failed to look out "for yourself". Love is great but love can be a "liability" also.

I refuse to go "out like that".

There is a reason why sellout black women are kissing the white man's ass. Sure is not because they love the guy.

Good day.

Anonymous said...


I didnt contradict myself because it wasnt my argument. Sellout black women often state that when more of them are associated with white men, they will become more appealing to black men (and other races of men) because black men want what white men have i.e. White women.

I dont believe that is true because no one but white and Asian guys want Asian women and I bet a black man would take a Latino over a white woman. He would take a mulatto over a white woman.


Anonymous said...

@Menelik Charles

I dont want to get into the IQ and SAT debate. I think you know why they want to continue to talk about black men. You go on their sites and when you defend black men they say, this site isnt about black men its about black women and if you want to talk about black men then create your own site. LOL, but they spare no opportunity to degrade black men?

This Anonymous person is comapring black men and black women to argue black women's inherent value to soceity and black men's inherent worthlessness in society. These are the same women who complain about black men not being man enough to compete with other men yet they are only valueable relative to black men. Why dont they be women and compare themselves to other women so we can see how valueable they are to society.


Anonymous said...

Like I have often believed, they say black people are racist for voting for Barak becaue of his skin color...bah... Black men may have voted for Barack but black women were only interested in seeing a black woman in the White House, even if it meant she had to bring her black husband along. Do you think black women would have voted for Barack if he had a white wife? I am off topic now. Dont tase me bro, Rocky.


Rocky said...

I'm sorry Kigali, I misunderstood your post. My bad.

Anonymous said...


"The funny thing is when Debra Dickerson "fell from grace". The sellout black women kind of just "blamed" her for the downfall. They said stuff like, "she ain't save her money". She didn't "think ahead" or "she should have done this" blah blah.

No pointing fingers at the culprit, the white guy that drained her savings and left her destitute. Just like the "Prince Albert" incident."

Right. There is a rhetorical trick these sellout black girls have going on. Every notice that when they do talk about the poor choices of black women they use term "women"? When they use terms like "society" thats them talking about white men without having to mention white men. In other words, they dont say, white men keep white women on a pedastal (even when they do) they say society does, as if that society isnt- according to them- dominated by the power, influence and money of white men.

They are huge appologist for white men. At least there is something to be had appologizing for black men- black men date and marry black women. What do they get out of apologizing for white men?

It seems like in their critique of society, they can only mention black men and white women by name but black women get protected under the "women" label while white men get the "society" cover. Its bullshit.


Anonymous said...

@Kid W/Golden Arms

"A number of them seem to follow patterns indicitive of people with narcissistic/histrionic traits...just my is a website I found that could help you with this blog alot...lots of info to go through.."

Well of course they are narcissistic. What do you expect from a group of people who are into conspiracy theories about how they are being denied their RIGHTFUL place at the head of Pantheon of Womanhood.

Exhibit A:

This was a comment left by "Neecy" at the website of the women who started No Wedding No Womb:

"It IMO goes hand in hand with the efforts to keep WW on a pedestal beauty wise. So in essence many people feel its normal for any man to want a WW b/c she is the “ideal”. OTOH, in an effort to keep WW at the top, the opposite is true for BW. many don’t want to admit that BW are just as beautiful and desired as many other women b/c that poses a threat to White beauty ideals and standards. There is a great deal of fear (im not sure as to why since BW are such a small percentage of women in this country anyway) but a GREAT fear of BW, our beauty and potential at attracting WHite and Non Black men. i cannot understand this since our numbers are so small. The fact the society in general works overtime to keep BW out of the mix in love/relationhips/beauty just boggles my mind.

(2)The respective White and Black communities know that WM and BW are the ones who hold the economic power. The white community and WW in general, do not want to have to share the WM’s wealth and power with BW. So there is a huge push to keep BW looking and appearing undesirable in the eyes of MEN in general. Nowadays its even expected for wealthy BM to not want to marry BW but rather other Non Blk women."


Anonymous said...

@Kid W/Golden Arms

Notice the phrases she uses. She uses "people" as opposed to white men and white women.

She doesnt talk about who is afraid of black women. She just says people are. Who are these people? White men, white women, black men?

"The fact the society in general works overtime to keep BW out of the mix in love/relationhips/beauty just boggles my mind."

Who is this "society" she keep referring to? If it were black men, or white women, she would have said, white women and black men. But because this "society" does include her beloved white men, she will not get too specific.

"The white community and WW in general, do not want to have to share the WM’s wealth and power with BW."

Wow. I think IR pairings were among those in the middle and lower middle class? What wealth is there to be shared? I thought black women were more likely to hook up with white men who were poorer than them? Why does she say, the white community and not mention white men?


Menelik Charles said...

@ Kigali,

thanks for sharing the link. The lies and hypocrisy of some people is hardly bearable...though it is often quite comical. Below is a stunning line two-faced nonsense from our old friend, LorMarie.

In the first link she accepts that the white girl in question is a victim of an acid attack at the hands of a Black girl and seeks to explain it away as an example of female envy and competitiveness...

...but once the "attack" has been exposed as a hoax, LorMarie magically changes direction and claims to have doubted the attack took place all along lol

Menelik Charles
London UK

Anonymous said...


Yes, Lormarie is another crazy one. An avowed single mother by choice. I believe her child is mixed race. That bitch aint a single mother by choice. That white dude didnt marry her ass. All their arguments are based on trying to soothe their egos.

On the one hand, she accused Arabs of racism (Arabs are very racist) because Ghaddafi wanted the Italians to pay him to keep Africans from illegally moving into Italy. She condemned Ghaddafi but defended Italy's right to keep the country non black and as white as possible.


"The songs are varied, offensive and, in at least one case, openly racist. "If you jump up and down, Balotelli dies" is a favourite with supporters of arguably the most famous Italian football club, Juventus.

"A negro cannot be Italian" is the chant that explains the vitriol. The target of the abuse is 19-year-old Mario Balotelli, a footballer with Italian champions Inter Milan and a rising star of Italy's Under-21 national team."

You know Italy is one of those places that these sellout black girls go because apparently Italian men love black women. LOL.

I remember walking down Edgware rd. New Year's 2008 and this Arab guy was trying to talk to me. I kept walking because he was being rude, he turned and said, "I'm too good for you anyway."

Yet, we are the ones regarded as wishful thinkers.


Anonymous said...


I have to agree on Menelik's profile of the President. He is beta to the bone. These white men these sellout black girls desire are themselves Beta. If Evia is who she says she is, her husband Darren is uber-Beta. I am starting to think that these men that are into these sellout black girls, those who find attractive are probably into BDSM-The compound acronym, BDSM, is derived from the terms bondage and discipline (B&D, B/D, or BD), dominance and submission (D&s, D/s, or Ds), sadism and masochism (S&M, S/M, or SM).

These guys arent homosexual but they do need someone female, who is masculine, aggressive, and combative enough to fulfil their unique tastes. Who better to fulfil that role than these sellout black girls? These white guys still few these black girls are masculine but feminine enough to be with sexually.

According to Wikipedia, "Activities and relationships within a BDSM context are characterized by the fact that the participants usually take on complementary, but unequal..."

"...they are based on the concept of partners deliberately taking on roles which—at least outwardly—appear unequal, in an eroticized context. Beyond these basic tenets of eroticism, the fact that society views the activities or relationships as outside the norm, and of purposefully unequal roles within an activity or an interpersonal relationship, there is little that unites all the disparate subcultures which are grouped under the umbrella term BDSM."

Does that not sound like the type of relationships these aggressive, combative, narcissitic, females have with their uber-Beta white males?


Rocky said...

Great points anonymous. Also, speaking of Lormarie, she frequents white supremist blogs routinely trying to get them to accept her. She was very upset in failing to sway one blogger who refers to himself as "Guy White". She even made a blog post complaining about him.

On the other hand, she has succeeded in being accepted on this blog and they even refer to her as their "honorary Aryan".

Anonymous said...


"On the other hand, she has succeeded in being accepted on this blog and they even refer to her as their "honorary Aryan"."

And thats what its all about isnt it? Their mixed race children are their only attachment to the white personhood that they so desire. Although on Sara's blog she mentioned that the only thing a black man can do for her is to point her in the direction of a hot white or Latino guy.

She wanted that white baby that bad huh? She probably when to a sperm bank now that I think about it. She got herself a designer baby.


Kid W/Golden Arms said...

@ kigali and menelik

thanks for the responses and opinions.

Anonymous said...

Alright rocky, if you say so.

Your link is a backdoor one you used to prove a point. A point that you keep stating but give no actual numbers or explination of it.

I presented you with numbers to show that you claims have no backing and numbers contridict it. Yet your still using them! “Oh percentage, percentage!”

WHAT PERCENTAGE! You never gave one and I gave numbers to show my point and yet you still try to throw out that stupid line.

Explain it and give me some sort of logical explination to it.
Untill than Rocky 0- Me 1

Please Kigali

You got some nerve with your husband!
Yeah Rocky, did you know that? Kigali talks a good one but at the end of the day, she’s in a INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIP!
three words for her...full of shit!

you talk about bm but failed to marry one! OH but you love them right?

Blackchild said...

this is a great site and I am enjoying my first visit here. As far as Black women putting their white saviors on a pedestal I go back to Dr. Laura last summer and how that sistah thought she found her white oasis until her husband and friend started calling her a nigger.

Andrew said...

You said this comment

"Please Kigali

You got some nerve with your husband!
Yeah Rocky, did you know that? Kigali talks a good one but at the end of the day, she’s in a INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIP!
three words for her...full of shit!

you talk about bm but failed to marry one! OH but you love them right?"

See, you are confused. We have a problem with sellout black women that blame black men for their "issues".

Nobody is against interracial dating. If it is "true love". White men continue to pick you last and hardly comment on your blogs. You have to address that.

We never said black women cannot date "other races of men". But they seem to harp on white men who CONTINUALLY picks them last.

Black women can date Caribbean men, Latin men, Asian men. Their main focus is white men. They keep getting kicked in the face by white men. They won't even "confront" them.

But like an abused puppy, they keep coming back. Plus, they can't seem to keep black men out of their tirades.

Good day.

Menelik Charles said...

Bro Rocky,

I don't mean to come across as paranoid but that anonymous character you've been debating got me thinking the issue discussed here:

like I said I don't mean to be paranoid...

Menelik Charles
London UK

Anonymous said...


I think Andrew answered your concerns about my Inter racial marriage. It is however, telling that you think a black woman CANT be in an inter racially marriage without hating black men. Now we know that your relationship has little to do with that particular non black man but your hatred of black men. Youre hatred of black men gives your inter racial relationship that gas that it needs to move from point A to point B. I on the other hand, found a man, whom I love and who loves me that accepts and repsects me. Our relationship is not built on the embers of a burning hate of black men. Too bad you cant say the same.


Rocky said...

To anonymous. Here are percentages.

African American males, who are nearly 8 times more likely to be incarcerated than White males, make up roughly 42 percent of the male prison population. African Americans constitute 45 percent of the female prison population, and female offenders are twice as likely as male offenders to be infected with HIV.

Anonymous said...


Those prison stats are interesting. Most women in prison are there on drug related offenses- theft, prostitution, distribution. There are many women who prostitute themselves for drugs. They are IV drug users too. This should explain the rate of disease infectiton.


Menelik Charles said...

Kigali said:


I think Andrew answered your concerns about my Inter-racial marriage. It is, however, telling that you think a Black woman CAN'T be in an inter-racially marriage without hating Black men.

Menelik says:

your words supports the notion that many a relationship between Black women and white men are, at their core, fundamentally racial alliances rather than romantic ones. Sure you get the public veneer of romantic displays and fixed smiles (especially on the Black women's faces!) but all manner of lurking pathologies lie at the basis of such unions, I can tell you!

I say this NOT because I'm prejudice against such unions but because much of the available evidence - in both written and observational form, points to this conclusion.

Menelik Charles
London UK

Menelik Charles said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I've no idea what it is but you guys appear to take it seriously so enjoy!

Menelik Charles
London UK

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent blog, and you brothers are consistently on-point with you analysis! After reading the news this morning, the following article further reminded me of your post and women (including the young) needed to accept responsibility for their OWN choices: