Saturday, January 16, 2010

Signs of Regression

Pretty much most, if not all, of the pathologies prevalent in black America are present in other cultures, though often to a noticeably lower level. So basically, explanations as to why we are seeing certain negative trends in overall society, not only can be applied to black America, but black America is often a more extreme example of such negative social trends. This brings me to an interesting blog post I was linked to. It gives an interesting look at the nature of modern trends in marriage and relationships. Here is an excerp:

The Primal Nature of Men and Women : Genetic research has shown that before the modern era, 80% of women managed to reproduce, but only 40% of men did. The obvious conclusion from this is that a few top men had multiple wives, while the bottom 60% had no mating prospects at all. Women clearly did not mind sharing the top man with multiple other women, ultimately deciding that being one of four women sharing an 'alpha' was still more preferable than having the undivided attention of a 'beta'. Let us define the top 20% of men as measured by their attractiveness to women, as 'alpha' males while the middle 60% of men will be called 'beta' males. The bottom 20% are not meaningful in this context.

Research across gorillas, chimpanzees, and primitive human tribes shows that men are promiscuous and polygamous. This is no surprise to a modern reader, but the research further shows that women are not monogamous, as is popularly assumed, but hypergamous. In other words, a woman may be attracted to only one man at any given time, but as the status and fortune of various men fluctuates, a woman's attention may shift from a declining man to an ascendant man. There is significant turnover in the ranks of alpha males

As a result, women are the first to want into a monogamous relationship, and the first to want out. This is neither right nor wrong, merely natural. What is wrong, however, is the cultural and societal pressure to shame men into committing to marriage under the pretense that they are 'afraid of commitment', while there is no longer the corresponding traditional shame that was reserved for women who destroyed the marriage, despite the fact that 90% of divorces are initiated by women. Furthermore, when women destroy the commitment, there is great harm to children, and the woman demands present and future payments from the man she is abandoning. A man who refuses to marry is neither harming innocent minors nor expecting years of payments from the woman. This double standard has invisible but major costs to society.

To provide 'beta' men an incentive to produce far more economic output than needed just to support themselves while simultaneously controlling the hypergamy of women that would deprive children of interaction with their biological fathers, all major religions constructed an institution to force constructive conduct out of both genders while penalizing the natural primate tendencies of each. This institution was known as 'marriage'. Societies that enforced monogamous marriage made sure all beta men had wives, and thus unlocking productive output out of these men who in pre-modern times would have had no incentive to be productive. Women, in turn, received a provider, a protector, and higher social status than unmarried women, who often were trapped in poverty. When applied over an entire population of humans, this system was known as 'civilization'.

All societies that achieved great advances and lasted for multiple centuries followed this formula with very little deviation. Societies that deviated from this were quickly replaced. This 'contract' between the sexes was advantageous to beta men, women over the age of 35, and children, but greatly curbed the activities of alpha men and women under 35 (together, a much smaller group than the former one). Conversely, the pre-civilized norm of alpha men monopolizing 3 or more young women each, replacing aging ones with new ones, while the masses of beta men fight over a tiny supply of surplus/aging women, was chaotic and unstable, leaving beta men violent and unproductive, and aging mothers discarded by their alpha mates now vulnerable to poverty. So what happens when the traditional controls of civilization are lifted from both men and women?

The writer then goes on to show modern trends that lift such traditional controls. With the history of black men being deprived of their authority and financial abilities by past racism, it is clear why such traditional controls have been lifted from black men and women to a greater level.

It appears that the chasing of alpha males is more prevalent among black women and this contributes greatly to the modern state of the black family. It helps create a high percentage of out-of-wedlock births, a high divorce rate and a high single rate. Our young boys are overwhelmingly being raised without fatherly influence and we are seeing the results today. A minority of black men seem to father a disproportionate number of our children and these very men are least likely to commit and/or be active fathers.

I would recommend reading the rest of the article and clicking on its links. Very interesting stuff.


Anonymous said...

This desire to be kept hasnt changed for most women. The only difference is that we can date hypergamously and eventually marry for the same reason by cannot remarry. Divorced women with children are more likely to marry down the second time around for obvious reasons. Historically speaking women werent hypergamous on their own accord but was rather a business transaction between men.


Andrew said...


That is a deep article. I will have to reread this post extensively.

Anonymous said...

Men are the matadors and women are the enraged bulls. Men must skillfully shuffle their feet and maneuver around the BULL-yish BULL-**** of the BULL woman.

Men are the ones who must tame the wild beastly nature of the BULL**** women.

We have been dancing our way through women's BULL-ish ways and BULL-ying for ages.


HR Professional said...

Kigali you are right. Pac Man you are full of Bull $***

You are another man saying all women are angry. Not so.

If men stuck around longer and stopped being and acting like little boys, perhaps they wouldn't have to play mind games.

Rocky said...

If men stuck around longer and stopped being and acting like little boys, perhaps they wouldn't have to play mind games.

Could be that the mind games are why men don't stick around longer.

Female mind games never result in getting men to stay. They do just the opposite. Female mind games are generally ineffective attempts at manipulating men into giving them what they want and usually end up irritating men more so than motivating them. Good manipulators manipulate without people being aware that they are being manipulated. Men usually see female manipulation attempts a mile away.

Women manipulate and/or show angry attitudes because they are socialized today by other women to do so. It has little to do with
how men behave. In truth, the greatest manipulation is that performed on the very men who are looking to be committed. It is such men that many women feel that they can take advantage of. They take kindness for weakness.

Anonymous said...

HR professional pitBULL is baring her fangs for all men to see.

Misandry continues to destroy men. We must save manhood from these she-beasts who seek to devour us.

Notice that they are NEVER satisfied with anything that we do. I should know. The last woman that I was with LEFT the relationship of her own accord. She walked out with her tennis bracelet - the one that I bought her for a wedding anniversary. Not even a thank you. No, she had to take the top-of-the-line coffee maker just so that I wouldn't have any coffee in the morning! Mind games?! Women invented it!

For those who prefer religious writings - was it not the woman who brought the forbidden fruit to the man? Get thee HR professional pitbull enchantress-witch demon!



Anonymous said...

"kept" is decidedly different than being provided for and protected.

that's all folks...


Anonymous said...

it seems that petulant males and their cheerleaders like the ones that frequent this blog, spend a lot of time whining.

yes, under the patriachial rules of this soceity, there are certain things that are unfair. for BOTH men and women. WHY can't the whiners on this post tap into the capital that exists? there is gender capital on BOTH sides and advantages to be had on both sides. leverage those advantages! get in it to win it folks. did no one ever tell you that life was not FAIR? LOL!

you folks crack me up! ANYTHING to distract yourselves from accoutability and responsibility.

Rocky said...

Anon, if you were literate, you would realize that the complaint is not with the fact that there are unfair aspects for both genders, but rather with the fact that modern women don't want to accept the unfairness they experience. It has been noted repeatedly that women commonly want equality as long as it is advantageous to them, but want to become the damsels in distress when equality is not advantageous to them.

If you want to be equal, then YOU must practice accountability and responsibility. If you don't want to practice these, then accept a status that is just above that of children. You can't have it both ways.

Speaking of responsibility, the article puts forth that women should take more responsibility for their own high single rate due to the tendency for most women to pursue a minority of men and be willing to share these men. One way the skirt this responsibility to go back to arranged marriages. Do you want this? I doubt it. So take responsibility for your own actions or stop declaring yourself to be so independent. No one wants to provide for and protect arrogant, self-centered, disrespectful, ignorant and trifling women.

HR Professional said...


I have been enjoying your blog from a distance. You always have great topics, this one is no different. The coordinating article is very interesting. I will have to finish it all.

Manipulative people come in both genders. Women obviously have not mastered the art of it, especially if you say they can be seen coming.

Women are socialized by other women because there are no men to offer up their socialization. Now right or wrong on how the women chose their mates the men just aren’t there. BTW, that was another good article with You Tube references. I sent it to quite a few people.


You are angry. I can understand your anger, but all women are not, as you say “pitbull enchantress-witch demon”

You seem to be a religious or spiritual man; at least you quasi quoted something that was remotely Biblical. Weren’t men in the Bible supposed to lead? Weren’t men supposed to be the decision makers? Well, when did men become so weak? “Misandry is destroying men.” No, your lack of resolve is destroying you. Picking the incorrect mate is destroying you. How can women be destroying you? That comment sounds weak and ill thought out.

You sound like those people that believe they can’t do anything because the man won’t let them.

No woman has that kind of power. If she does, she is not the one for you. She just may be an enchantress witch demon.

Anonymous said...

HR dog does not have a clue about anything. HR dog is a troll.


HR Professional said...


Not only are you angry, but you are unreasonable as well...

With all good wishes

Anonymous said...

HR is nothing but a troll from the "CREW." They have adjusted their plan of attack. But the evil, beastly nature of these haters is evident by their complete disregard for men's rights!

HR says that men are like "little boys" who "play mind games." PLEASSSSSSSSSSSE! If men are like children, how can men devise mind games like adult women who manipulate men at every turn?!

Rocky is clear about women's crafty games of deceit! This blog is a haven for men!

Wash your mouth out with soap, HR troll!


Anonymous said...

Black men who date white are sellouts, but black women who date white are progressive?!

Women are crazy!