Monday, November 9, 2009

Black Women Have The Highest Self-Esteem

It is amazing how wrong the warped perceptions of the IR and Black Woman Empowerment Bloggers are. This is the price they pay for citing their alleged perceptions as facts. One of their errors is the routine claim that due to the (imagined) beating that they take from the black community, black women have low self-esteem and are discontent with their lives. The problem is that research from experts shows the exact opposite. Here are some excerpts:

There Are Differences In Self-esteem Between African-American Caucasian Women Living in the United States.

Self-esteem is an internal belief system about one's self (Wilson 1). Our basic self-esteem develops during childhood to the age of about 12 (Wilson 1). Some variables that can influence one's self-esteem include individual skills, interests, and talents, economic status, community and culture (Wilson 2). African-American women will say positive things about themselves that Caucasian women are not comfortable with saying about themselves (Dent 1).

Rushton found that African-American women have equal or higher self-esteem levels then Caucasians or Latinos (Rushton 9). Gray-Little found that not only African-American adult women have higher self-esteem than Caucasian women but the same is true in children and adolescents (Gray-Little 17). Abba supports the idea that African-American's hold higher self-esteem standings throughout life (Abbas 2). Differences in self-esteem between African-American women and Caucasian's are less during childhood years and grow to adulthood (Twenge 1). Support for this may be that a woman's sense of identity forms throughout her lifespan (Lafromboise 2). Contradicting information states that Caucasians develop self-concepts as a race earlier because the Caucasians having great sociopolitical power which causes less issues to work though during racial identity development (Hill 5).

Caucasian and African-American women hold significantly different views of beauty and perceptions of themselves (Molloy 1). Molloy finds that African-American women have higher self-esteem levels based on body image than Caucasians (Molloy 1). African-American females are less worried about weight, dieting, or being thin (Molloy 1). Sixty-four percent of African-American women said that they'd rather be "a little overweight" than "a little underweight" (Molloy 1). The differences in views may help one understand why eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia is predominantly seen in white women ( Molloy 1). Ossolotch supports this by stating that people with low self-esteem have a greater-risk of developing an eating disorder (Ossolotch 1). Eating disorders are a growing problem with African-American women (Edwards 1). Edwards says this is because of insensitive remarks being made by family members and friends as well as employers making them feel as though they need to lose weight to compete with the Caucasian woman (Edwards 1).

Depression is also found to be more dominant in Caucasian women than African-American women (Abbas 2). Dent supports this by saying that low self-esteem causes greater risks for eating disorders, suicide, and depression (Dent 1). In 2000 the suicide rate for a population of 100,000 was 1.8 for African-American females and 4.3 for Caucasian women (Eshleman 191).

Both Caucasians and African-American women base part of their self-esteem about their bodies on what they think the men of their race prefer (Molloy 1). African-American women tend to believe that African-American men prefer larger women, so they feel less pressure to lose weight then Caucasian women who believe Caucasian men prefer thin women (Molloy 1). Research done on males preferences tended to support these views (Molloy 1). Molloy says that African-American women who predominantly surround themselves with others of their race as apposed to members of the opposite race have higher self-esteem because they are "protected" from Caucasians distorted body image (Molloy 2).

Molloy suggests that gender role also plays a role in women's self-esteem based on their bodies (Molloy 1). African-American women are more likely to see themselves are masculine or androgynous whereas white women see themselves are more feminine (Molloy 1). Women who feel more feminine are more likely to give in to stereotypical views on appearances (Molloy 2).

Socioeconomic status have a more positive affect on Caucasian women as opposed to African-American women (Gray-Little 5). Wilson suggested that African-American women of lower socioeconomic status' were more comfortable with having a heavier body type than higher socioeconomic African-American women (Wilson 2). Contradicting research says that African-American tend to have higher self-esteem levels throughout socioeconomic status ( Abbas 2). Since African-American women are subjected to longstanding socioeconomic inequalities yet still show higher levels of self-esteem suggests that socioeconomic factors do not affect their self-esteem (Abbas 3).

Boisnier did a study on feminism and womanism among Caucasian and African-American women and found that African-American women identify with womanism because it calls for high levels self-esteem (Boisnier 2). Foster and Petty suggest that black organizations and social interaction help raise self-pride and help them identify with their race (Eshleman 190).

So basically, black women not only have higher self-esteem, but have it across all economic levels and black women who live in the black community have higher self-esteem than those who live outside of the black community. Maybe this is why very few are fleeing the "dreaded" black community the way that the IR bloggers want them to. Maybe this is why few are running to the arms of the "white savior". Maybe it is because black women in general, being some of the main architects of the black community, actually are content within the very black community that they helped build.


Anonymous said...

Studies like this one are considered "scientifically uncertain." There is no way to measure self-esteem or any other abstract state like happiness or sadness, because there's no way to quantify it into units. That means fair comparison is impossible. That's why there are studies saying black American women suffer from more stress and are more likely to be depressed and other studies saying black women are happier. Most people are smart enough to just use this as information but not to take studies on abstract feelings as fact.

Kigali said...

"African-American females are less worried about weight, dieting, or being thin (Molloy 1). Sixty-four percent of African-American women said that they'd rather be "a little overweight" than "a little underweight" ."

This attitude has NOT been helpful.

"The differences in views may help one understand why eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia is predominantly seen in white women ."

Conversely, the differences in views may help one understand why obesity is predominately seen in black women.

Obesity is a far bigger problem (pun intended) than anorexia and bulimia combined and times ten.

Anonymous said...
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Rocky said...

To Anonymous 9:27

The problem is that there is a difference between stress and self-esteem and this study concludes that “stress is not related to self-esteem”. Also, the study you cite reports the relationship between “depressive symptoms and perceived discrimination”. It makes no reference to overall depression in black women and how it compares to non-black women. So that study does not contradict the one I linked to.

Anonymous said...

Not too swift are you? I didn't link the studies to show that they contradicted what YOU said. I linked two studies that contradict EACH OTHER to show that abstract states can't be measured accurately, so these studies are basically worthless. Maybe I should have used small words. Must be another high school drop out.

Anonymous said...

Rocky makes a valid point.

Women in general receive more support from communities than men do.

Girls are considered "sugar and spice and all things nice" while boys are comprised of "snips and snails and puppy dogs tails." Men are dogged (figuratively and literally). Observe the word associations here. Nowhere does the word NICE describe boys. We are merely the tails of dogs.

Males are vilified regularly immediately after birth. We need to rescue mankind.


Rocky said...

I didn't link the studies to show that they contradicted what YOU said. I linked two studies that contradict EACH OTHER to show that abstract states can't be measured accurately, so these studies are basically worthless.

No, you provided two links to one study. Click on both of your links and then take time to re-evaluate who the actual high school drop-out is.

Rocky said...

Is this what you were trying to link to?

Or is this?

Both show that not only are black women happier today than in the past (unlike other women who are less happy), but black women are happier than white women. Seems that your cohorts can't give adequate information to save their lives.

Bellydancer said...

Males are vilified regularly immediately after birth. We need to rescue mankind.

Maybe you should move your parnoid ass to India where males are practically worshipped whereas female children are often selectively aborted.

I think where you live can affect your self esteem and stress levels somewhat especially if it is a high crime area or an area where services and amenities are limited.
I live in a mostly white area and I do not have any self esteem issues at all. I have a sister that lives in a mostly black area and had issues with people because her skin was so dark and this was with other black people so I think more studies have to be done on this issue. I read a book years ago that also dealt with this topic: Schoolgirls: Young Women, Self Esteem, and the Confidence Gap by Peggy Orenstein

Mr Laurelton Queens said...











Kigali said...


"Maybe you should move your parnoid ass to India where males are practically worshipped whereas female children are often selectively aborted."

"I have a sister that lives in a mostly black area and had issues with people because her skin was so dark and this was with other black people..."

Speaking of India, whats it like to be a dark girl there?

Anonymous said...


Mr. Laurelton certainly makes a perfect analogy. Women have more support and experience greater self esteem.

I guarantee you that Precious will receive sympathy from women. There is no lack of support for women who face abuse and experience size issues.

However, we men are on our own.

Look at Will Smith's Pursuit of Happyness. Man bears the burden, man raises child, and woman deserts family, but no one mentions the need to provide men with more community support.

But PRECIOUS will receive much publicity because of the plight of women. Damsel in distress must be treated as a princess, but men must bear their burdens in solitude. This is a double standard.

Women expect us to cry them a river when they suffer a broken fingernail; but when women kick men in the rear and have affairs behind our backs, it's considered women's lib!

We need to ensure EQUALITY for mankind. I realize that this is a painful concept for women. Our civil liberties are in jeopardy, and we need to uphold our rights as men.


Anonymous said...

Oprah is one of the most celebrated women on TV. She adorns every cover of her magazines. Oprah is merely a woman's gossip and chat show that regularly scrutinizes men.

When Oprah faced weight challenges, America bestowed her with sympathy and comfort.


Bellydancer said...

Indian people are very colorstruck and prefer light skin especially on women. Most of the skin whitening products sold today are mainly sold in Indian and Africa and by the looks of Sammy Sosa's face a lot of the caribbean countries as well.

Anonymous said...

While I may be speaking from my own painful experiences, I can guarantee you that there is little support for men.

At the urging of relatives, I finally saw a therapist because my wife left me for another man. She was a dark-skinned black woman. The first thing that the therapist asked was whether or not I had the affair! See how men are demonized without any facts? Where is the sympathy? Men are expected to be doormats while women swing loose with the newest hunk in town in the name of women's lib!


Anonymous said...

I was initially excited about this blog, but after reading a few of these comments and posts I realize that you guys really aren't *much* better than they are. The goal for "Black unity blogs" should not be to engage in the Oppression Olympics. The reality is, in SOME ways Black men have it harder. In SOME ways Black women have it harder. Refusing to acknowledge that makes you ALL LOSERS. I dislike those BWE blogs because they vilify BM so much, but this blog isn't that much different. There is NO true critical examination of BM here, only defensive responses to the garbage those blogs put out. you can't fight garbage with more garbage. I think any smart black woman looking to date would be best served STAYING AWAY from all blogs authored by black people who spend more time whining about each other than actually engaging each other.

Anonymous said...

Precious stinks!

Anonymous said...

Precious, the sensationalized book and movie, will further demonize black men. Precious will glorify the black female and criticize the black male.

Yes, there are atrocities in the urban ghettos, but there are also debased souls in remote rural areas and castles of inbred royals, too.


Menelik Charles said...

Anon said:

1) There is NO true critical examination of BM here, only defensive responses to the garbage those blogs put out.

2)you can't fight garbage with more garbage.

Menelik replied:

1) "Black Men CONFRONTING The Lies & Distortions" does exactly what it says on the packet.

2) It cannot do so without the "critical examination" you claim is absent.

3) The "critical examination" of Black men presented here comes in the form of critical balance in opposition to the "lies & distortions". Understand?

4)Do please give one or more examples in which "critical examination" of Black men is absent.

5) If someone, group, Black or white, distorts your image, situation or behaviour for the purpose of gathering together embittered, self-loathing individuals then one reserves the right to correct the various distortions and thus to present a more balanced state-of-affairs.

As was said, this can only be achieved by way of a "critical examination" ( via stats etc) of the opposing, racially hostile, position.

Please provide evidence to SUPPORT your 'case'.

Thank you.

Menelik Charles
Londondon England

Anonymous said...

Pacman revealed several threads ago that he was harassed by some women in a store. He is now reporting that he was "abused" by his therapist. lol

You black men are soooo abused. lol, some more.

Anonymous said...

If men laughed at Precious and the "plight" of women, men would be castigated promptly.

But when men suffer, women laugh.

So much for EQUALITY. There is no respect for men in the modern world.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Sara and crew state that they couldn't attract black men?

That is why they turned around and threw themselves at their white saviors.


Anonymous said...

btw, i hate the pic you selected for this essay.

as evidenced by this pic, there are STILL bw that MUST respect themselves more.

i am not afraid to call it. responsibility, accountability, introspection and looking at how we CONTRIBUTE to our disrespect does not send me running for the hills, nor does it put me in blame shifting mode. you fellas may try to get some of that...

Rocky said...


One of your posts was accidentally deleted. It was the one where you called this blog a joke. If you wish to repost it, I will make sure it goes through.

getalifepartner said...

Appropriate picture for the topic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rocky's photo is appropriate.

SZ said...

So, this "researcher" basically is saying that BW have higher self-esteem because we're more comfortable being overweight. LOL, that's basically all he bases this on (after saying variables include individual skills, interets, talents, etc). Once again, turning the BW into nothing but body parts. To boot, anyone with sense knows that just because you think you look good doesn't automatically mean you have high self-esteem. If you think the women in the picture you posted have high self-esteem because they feel comfy hoistin their legs onto a man in a picture, you're as misguided as this researcher.

Rocky said...


What researcher are you talking about? The article simply lists a multitude of research by a multitude of researchers supporting how black women generally have higher self-esteem than other women. This includes a couple of researchers concluding that black women generally have a more positive body image. Body image is one aspect of self-esteem and the article goes into those other aspects.

And yes, the picture is a good indication of those women's self-esteem. The both feel that they look good and are sexy despite it being evident that neither put any major work into how they look. That's a positive body image which is a type of positive self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

"... anyone with sense knows that just because you think you look good doesn't automatically mean you have high self-esteem." (Anon)

You're contradicting yourself. Thinking that you "look good" is equivalent to having self esteem. Otherwise, you would have poor body image and inferior self worth.

Or are you suggesting that women who flaunt themselves are merely compensating for a lack of self worth?

I would suggest that you women keep your legs to yourself and stop blaming the men for all of your problems.


Anonymous said...

Women may have healthier self esteem, but they have an ugly heart.


Non Black Female Perspective said...

As a NON-African-American woman, I always was amazed that even the ugliest, fattest, brokest and most-dysfunctional Black women I'd meet refer to themselves as "QUEENS".

I'm not ugly, fat, broke or dysfunctional but I NEVER thought of myself as being anything "great" what to speak of a "QUEEN"!!!

I have to say though that I do admire that they are able to think of themselves as such, and it might do us Non-Black-Women some good to think of ourselves as such as well.

I know too many Non-Black-Women who think lowly of themselves just because they are not Super Model 10 material.

NB Female Perspective said...

"Speaking of India, whats it like to be a dark girl there?"

Many Indians have a "light skin" preference, however, because it is a culture where marriage is the most important thing to guarantee your children, and because of marriages are arranged, almost no one is deprived of a mate, including really dark or even really ugly people.

Sue said...

Well if most American Black women tended to have higher self-esteem than other races of women why do so many black women complain so much about having low self-esteem?

Could this study maybe perhaps be just slightly biased? You know the saying “If it ain’t broke don't fix it”? If black women in this country don't start to take an active role to collectively raise the self-esteem of young black girls, black girls will continue to make bad choices in picking black men. Women with low self-esteem tend to latch onto whoever will show them the least bit of attention. Also a person with low self-esteem will usually seek out subpar partners and/or couldn't keep a partner of a higher caliber due to their low self-esteem in the first place. We often hear black women griping about some no good black man that did them wrong, and we ask “well why did you choose that man in the first place”? We also hear many black women griping about issues with their hair, skin complexions, features etc. Yet we can't put two and two together? Are we as a race of people that dense? Obviously many black women are choosing black men who are of a lower caliber because these black women feel that they cannot do any better. We hear these same women cry about how much effort and love they put into these relationships only to be cheated on impregnated and left (people with low self-esteem also tend to have risky sexual behaviors).

Sue said...

Of course white people would make an effort to spot light a growing self-destructive trend amongst white women; if this trend got out of hand it would be the end of the white race in this country. How did white America deal with the anorexia problem? They made mixed raced people like Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardasian, Jennifer Lopez etc. symbols of beauty. These women don’t deviate very far from what young white girls see in the mirror. Furthermore many of these celebrities strive to look European anyway which is a psychological bonus for young white girls (Look at all of these other races of women who venerate your beauty and strive so hard to look like you). Now we have white girls going to the gym to gain a curvier butt instead of being ashamed that their butts look big in a pair of jeans. No one want’s to speak on the absence of female black beauty symbols in the media and the detrimental effect that it has on the psyches of young black girls who constantly strive to look like their mixed raced counter parts and the Kim Kardasians of the world. Let me also add that fast food is targeted to people who live in lower income neighborhoods and being that many black women have low self-esteem they tend to over eat and indulge in unhealthy behaviors such as not wanting to leave the house and sitting on the couch and watching television all day. For any psychologist these are tell-tale signs of low self-esteem. The media has been fueling low self-esteem and this gender war between black men and black women for decades but no one wants to speak on that.

White people care about their progeny while Black Americans are en-mass a race of people plagued with self-hatred and would sooner see the end of their race before they took any meaningful steps in the direction of healing black men and black women as a whole. Both sides stay on the defensive victimizing themselves and demonizing the other and in the same instance venerate other races of people who they secretly deem as their way out of this blackness which they so despise. The aim of many of you is to escape via the erasure of Africoid progeny. If any of you really cared about us as a people there would be community centers set up on ever block to uplift our children considering the amount of negative statistics you all spout. Look to the white people whom you secretly worship. When they find alarming statistical trends existing amongst their people they do something about it. Look at the meth problem, “Intervention” anyone? But what do we often hear? White/Asian/Latino men/women are better and now that I have me one I won’t have to deal with you anymore. It would be beautiful if we could all agree that we’ve all been wounded and draw ourselves in to heal each other in order to build a stable foundation for our children so that there won’t have to be another generation of people to grow up as scarred as many of us are.