Monday, December 19, 2011

Shouldn't This Four Year Old Child Have Been Well Protected?

According to the BWE/IR fanatics he should have been. After all, both his father and his mother's boyfriend are white.

Britni Bereasa Glover watched as her boyfriend beat her 4-year-old son. She
did nothing. She later heard the boy complain of stomach pain. She did
nothing. The next morning, she found her son, Dustyn Skyler Roff, dead in
his bed.

Houston police allege that happened beginning Thursday night, when Michael
Allen Seaton
beat Dustyn because his mother did not come home for lunch
that day. Glover, 23, was charged with injury to a child by omission. Police
are still looking for her 21-year-old boyfriend, who has been charged with
capital murder.

Police who responded to a report of a dead child at a home in
the 7100 block of Hillcroft on Friday found the boy had multiple injuries
and bruises all over his body, authorities said. He was pronounced dead at
the scene.

HPD Homicide Sergeant Will Gonzales said Glover did not intervene as Seaton assaulted Dustyn Thursday night after the couple got into an argument. Seaton would often watch the boy while Glover went to work at a day care, Gonzales said, and he was upset that she did not return home during her lunch break that day.

Seaton then allegedly beat the child and left. Keeping silent, Dustyn
complained to his mother of stomach pains before sleeping, and the next
morning, she found him dead in his bed. "We have no reason to believe that (Glover) assaulted Dustyn," Gonzales said, "but she didn't stop the abuse of her child."Glover remained silent when asked by authorities why she did not
intervene, Gonzales said. The boy had different healing stages of bruises,
indicating he had likely been beaten for several weeks, the sergeant

Charles Blake Roff, Dustyn's father, said he had been searching for
Glover and his son for the past four months after she left with
the boy during a visit. At a news conference on Monday, the 25-year-old said he
was the boy's sole caretaker until that time and was working on gaining full
legal custody of him. The couple is in the middle of a divorce and custody
rights had not yet been determined, he said.

Heck, according to the BWE/IR crew, they are not even supposed to be getting a divorce.


Menelik Charles said...

Hey Bro Rocky,

I liken the racial romanticism of the 'Something New' crew to the fantasies typically located in teenage girls diaries. Reality is a bitch for these dusky dames, and its not one they plan on confronting any time soon lol

Rocky said...

They run from reality Bro Menelik. Great to hear from you.

Ichibod said...

Great read. Missed ya, Bro.

Anonymous said...

This dumb ass bitch over at Beyond Black and White is a piece of work. She posted a piece about how she is opposed to Robert DeNiro having a child with his wife. Now keep in mind Robert Deniro is the only white man in Hollywood who openly dates black women and actually marries them.

Black women talk too much and then they wonder why they have such a problem attracting men of other races. I dont think that it is the color of their skin or their hair. It is that thing in the middle of their faces the piehole. Just shut the fuck up some time.

Angel said...

There's so much wrong for that situation.
1. Abuse
2. Murder
3. Lack of an attempt to stop
4. Lack of reporting the abuse
5. Not paying attention to the child's pains
Should I other continuing? :(

Picturemann said...

A survey of Black women was recently conducted and published by the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation. Some key findings:

1) "Career success more vital to Black women than marriage."

2) "Religion is essential to most black women’s lives; being in a romantic relationship is not."

3) Over 20% said that "being wealthy is very important." (Only 5% of white women thought this way).

4) 75% of women said they had "high self-esteem" (this is in fact a euphemism for the myth of the "strong and independent" Black woman - That is, rude and overbearing). High self-esteem with 70% having kids out of wedlock? Some people would call that a lack of shame.

5) As much as Black women whine about "how bad things are for them," Only 40% of Black women reported experiencing "frequent stress" compared to 51% of white women.

6) Black women don't expect to find a "Prince Charming who would take care of them, provide for the family" (This attitude becomes, of course, a self-fulfilling prophecy).

7) Being "physically attractive" was important to 74% of Black women, compared to 67% of white woman.

8) Black women should stop whining about Black men dating outside their race, since half (50%) of Black women report dating outside of their race (compared to 40% of white women, 51% of white men, and 68% of Black men).

9) Although Black women complain of being a "double minority" (both Black AND female), they are much less likely than Black men to say people "ignore or overlook" them (21% vs 32%); Black women are less likely than Black men to say they receive "poorer service" than other people in restaurants and stores (19% vs 29%); Black women are less likely than Black men to say they are "treated with less respect" (21% vs 26%);

10) While saying, they want "money more than marriage," 67% of Black women said they are "willing to marry someone of another race." This dovetails perfectly with the "ain't no Prince Charmings" out there for me - so run to whites.

11) Being in "good romantic relationship" was important to 76% of Black women: compared to 84% of white women; 88% of white men, and 89% of Black men. And there's the key disconnect: Black women claim that Black men don't want good relationships, but Black men score the highest on this measure and much higher than Black women.

So the next time you hear Black women whining about they "can't find a man" and "things are tougher" for them, show them this survey.

Article About Survey:

Survey Tallies:

Menelik Charles said...

Nice post Picturemann! Good comments, too.

Anonymous said...

It seems that BW can be just as delusional about greener grass as BM have been, based on IR numbers and all.


Si Toger said...

Nice post really good story ..

phoebe said...

I remember back a couple of weeks ago going over to this site called livefyre or something and the black women over there "pride" themselves on being black but it is clear that they hate ALL black men and even the black women who try to present them with facts that rfute some of their "black" feminist rhetoric.

After trying to peacefully debate with a black woman on that site about what plaques the black family--it was simply a no go.

They (these black women on this particular site) say they are opposed to injustice and racism--yet are the same ones who follow the white men are better partners mantra--and resort to name calling whenever you don't agree with their reasoning.

You try to tell them that ALL men first and foremost prefer to date and marry women of their own race? This makes statistical sense--but to these sisters they want to bombard their way in men's lives who clearly prefer women of their said ethnic groups.

Well black men marry out? Not nearly as much as the media plays up. According to Dr. Ivory A. Toldson--. I wrote girls because women in their twenties are sometimes still referred to as girls from their elders.

Also, black women with the most education are more likely to be married than her white counterparts who were high school dropouts. .

Ok I'm done--literally.

Ichibod said...

"It seems that BW can be just as delusional about greener grass as BM have been, based on IR numbers and all."

No, that's only your assumption based on numbers. Many black men that date interracial do so because they realize black women are not the only race of women with vaginas while more black women date interracially (preferrably white men) because they feel the weed is stickier and stankier.

Reggie said...

Sounds like a few people need their asses seriously whipped!!!

Anonymous said...

"According to the BWE/IR fanatics he should have been. After all, both his father and his mother's boyfriend are white."

This is my sister. We were raised in a mostly white community outside of Detroit. We have different fathers but share the same white mother. Although she has always been perceived as black, she is a bi-racial woman. No matter, she is now charged with the murder of my sweet nephew Skyler. She might has well be purple and from Mars. Who cares about race....This child suffered. We are devastated.

Michael Spenceley said...

So sad when a child gets involved in these sorts of situations!

Sam S said...

Great read. Children should always be protected!

M Sorento said...

The short answer is ... yes, yes he should of been protected. How can anyone expect someone that age to protect themselves?

Home Inicio said...

Good Posting, really. And he must be protected well.

Anonymous said...

Your sister is guilty. She has ALOT of mental issues,stemming from her " white side" . I got to know her fairly well, she confided in me. She was abused because she was black. This is what I was told. She may have everyone believing she is innocent, but I know both the parties, and I know he did not do this. She was very sick, and very crazy over him. And she took it out on that poor sweet sweet baby. There will be justice, and I pray for the maximum.