Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Wall Street Journal Fix.

Just recently, an article published in the Wall Street Journal by Dr. Ralph Richard Banks has created sort of a buzz among the various so called “Black Women Empowerment” fanatics as well as a bit of unease between some of them. One of the main ones embracing this article is Christelyn Karazin.

The premise of the article is the idea that if black women ‘date out’ more, it could/would motivate black men to improve in order to compete with the added competition. It’s an interesting premise because historically, this basic premise has been one that the BWE group has repeatedly shunned on the basis that it places responsibility on black women for shaping the behavior of black men.

But lo and behold, when the idea of black men’s behavior being influenced by black women involves black women dating and marrying non-black men, it is acceptable. It really goes to show how much BWE/IR bloggers are agenda driven.

Consider that for years, black men have pointed out and complained about the disproportionately strong trend of black women seeking relationships with bad boys. It has long been argued that this trend heavily influences the behavior of black men and has been supported through research under the theory of sexual selection. Even the dreaded Satoshi Kanazawa touched on this:

“In reality, however, women do often say no to men. (In my experience, they
always do.) This is why men throughout history have had to conquer foreign
lands, win battles and wars, compose symphonies, author books, write sonnets,
paint portraits and cathedral ceilings, make scientific discoveries, play in
rock bands, and write new computer software, in order to impress women so that
they will agree to have sex with them. There would be no civilization, no art,
no literature, no music, no Beatles, no Microsoft, if sex and mating were a male
choice. Men have built (and destroyed) civilizations in order to impress women
so that they might say yes. Women are the reason men do everything.”

Polow Da Don stated:

“If every Black woman got together and said, "We're not gonna date guys unless
they have PhDs. We're not gonna date guys unless they have a Master’s [degree].”
Guess what? In due time, n****s will stop selling dope and they'll start going
to college.”

He was attacked relentlessly for this statement. Such a statement has been repeated over and over by black men criticizing black women for routinely sexually rewarding bad behavior, yet black women’s response has overwhelmingly been critical indicating that this notion places responsibility on black women. Yet, as we see with Karazin and others like her, if this basic idea is expressed in a way that promotes black women dating and marrying non-black men, it is quite acceptable. There are more than enough quality black men out there to put pressure on trifling black men to clean up their acts, yet this will never happen until these quality black men begin getting the attention that they deserve.

Plus, there are the flaws in this argument. One of the biggest ones is the fact that marriage rates are declining for all ethnic groups in the United States. At least 40 - 45% of white women are single at any given moment and 50% of all American women are single. There are a total of 4 million more white women than white men and 6 million more women than men in America overall. So it begs the question of exactly how much success do the IR bloggers expect black women to have competing against those 40% of white women and other non-black single women for the very men who have repeatedly placed black women last on their dating radar?

The next flaw is the discovery that the white men that black women marry are on average less educated than the black men that black women marry. Thus, the so-called competition would not be based on personal quality, but instead entirely on race and since no black man can change his race, such added competition would be meaningless. It’s much like the high level of marrying out done by Asian women. Asian American men have outdone white men socially and economically for decades, yet Asian women still marry out at a higher rate than any other group of women. Asian women simply want white men, period and the ONLY thing that Asian men could do to compete is to become white, which is impossible.

Lastly, history doesn’t support the notion. Since 1980, interracial marriage involving black women has tripled, yet within that same timeframe, the single rate for black women has increased by 20%. Thus, a major increase in interracial marriage for black women has coincided with a major decrease in marriage overall for black women. It is clear that marrying out is no solution. Interestingly enough, one of Karazin’s commenters pointed this out and was attacked and seemingly banned for doing so. Clearly such women are motivated by personal agenda and personal disdain as opposed to truth and reality.

Much of what I state above is addressed in this great article by Ivory A. Toldson, Ph.D., and Bryant Marks, Ph.D.


Adonis said...

Reality is a bitch...

Nice to have you back Rocky

Rocky said...

Thanks Adonis. Sorry I was gone so long.

Kid W/Golden Arms said...

Welcome back Rocky,

Too bad black men who dated IR never had this much support from the media.

Im convinced that some bw problems with black men who date IR are about those bw not feeling like they can compete with non bw for non bm. So they have to ruin the whole idea for everyone.

Now that they get support from the media, men who want some ass,etc they are pulling out all the stops to promote it as if they are doing "something new" when in reality they are doing something very old.

Alot of the old heads,men and women, used to talk about what a number of these women were doing with their white bosses,etc back in the day.

I hear the same today,especially in corporate america, DC,LA and New York, the more things change..

Franklin said...

Whew! Thought Rocky up and died or something. It's nice to see you posting again!

Anonymous said...


Welcome back bro. Its been too long man.

I am running around town today before work so I will have to post my thoughts later.


Rocky said...

Thanks for welcomes back everyone. No, I'm still alive LOL. Sorry about the long delay. I'll try to post more regularly from here on.

Ichibod said...

No need to apologize. Glad to have you back. Good topic as always.

Menelik Charles said...

Menelik's rerun comment from Bro Andrew's blog:

Christelyn Karazin already used her womb with a Black man and no wedding ever took place. Dont you get the weird feeling women like her are fighting a retrospective war against Black men who declined to marry them after THEY chose to have their babies? I mean, seriously, why should the issue of weddings and wombs concern Christelyn now when she bagged herself a white boy who married her with a Black man's child and then proceeded to give her 3 bi-racial children?

Something doesn’t add up here.

Might I suggest that Christelyn Karazin is a horribly unhappy and confused woman right now for having to settle for a white man, irrespective of what he brings to the table? And that her bi-racial kids are merely a consolation prize alongside the booby prize that is the white boy!

The reason, I suspect, she foists herself onto the BWE bandwagon is because she is unable to let her Black child’s father go at a level which is deep and personal. She pines for his embrace because he was the only man she sensed could make her feel wholesome and worthy of love.

To escape his hold on her inner world (and at the same time reveal his continued presence) she focuses on the very worst of what she imagines Black men to be (taking great care to work within established racial stereotypes) is merely a cover for her deep down desire and love for ebony-hued brothers.

What a gal!

Anyway, welcome back Bro Rocky, your stable, masculine presence was sorely missed!

Anonymous said...


To an extent they already agree that a woman can influence a man's behavior, however only when that behavior is positive. They dont want to take any part of having influenced a man negatively.

On another note, I see a generatioal rift growing within this BWE. Young women tend to be a lot pickier than older women. Christylen will not be able to foist her "any white man will do" mantra on the younger black women especially when these younger black women.


What an analysis. It was a bit too deep for me.


Menelik Charles said...


"too deep", dear: how so?

Anonymous said...


Sigmund Freud wouldnt touch your analysis. Christyln is weird. I havent quite figured her out yet but the other shoe really needs to drop. She plays good cop to all her bad cop cohorts. I HATE people like that. She is the drip drip drip who tries to dress it up as something other than it really is.


Picturemann said...

Idiotic articles like this demonstrate (for the umpteenth time) that way too many black folks are third-rate 'intellectuals' who have a point of view that can't be distinguished from the typical dumb white racist.

The fantasy that all black women have it 'all together' stems from a lifetime of sucking on white media and the psychological warfare contained within. Five minutes of googling would put an end to the nonsense. A quick example: Check the most current US census data (2010) for "educational attainment" by race. For black men the percentage for those with a bachelor's degree is 12%; advanced degree: 5.7%. For black women, guess what? -- The percentage for those with a bachelor's degree is 14.3% and those with advanced degrees is 7.1!! Black women are only 2.3 percentage points higher than black men with respect to having a bachelors degree!!! In other words, 85.7% of adult black women (defined as 25 years and older by the US Census Bureau) DON'T have college degrees. So much for the white-created fantasy of that vast sea of black women who are educated compared to black men.

I've uploaded a spread sheet of this little tidbit of REALITY for anyone who wants to see it. Go right here and you'll see the data for yourself: -- And share that tidbit of reality with all your friends. Because way too many homegurls (and their enablers) are living in the white boy's matrix (right along with those thugs they so despise).

Head tripping black women (and their enablers) need to step down off their fantasy high horse and they need to do it soon. Things can go chaotic in the USA at any moment. And the only people who will be willing to defend black women when the shooting starts will be that black man that black women have spent the last 25 years talking sh^t about... You better pray that black man is stilling willing to fight for you.

Rocky said...

Thanks Pictureman. I found the link to that info for anyone wanting it. Just click on Table 3:

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago I read that 55% of black men in Chicago are felons!!! Is that true? I haven't seen where anyone has refuted that figure?

Franklin said...

Yo Rocky,

That link about "black women marrying lesser educated white men" appears to be broken. Do you have another source for it? It would come in handy for future/upcoming discussions.

Anonymous said...

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wheatgerm said...

wow thats crazy

Anonymous said...

i'm a black guy but you're all threatened by black women thinking outside the box, whether it's for the wrong reason OR even if it's legitimate.

Rocky said...

You may or may not be a black guy, but "thinking outside the box" is not the issue. It's an issue of lying, exaggerating and bashing while attempting to use IR relationships as a weapon to do so.

I think that many black men would appreciate black women generally thinking outside of the box as opposed to the stubbornness and closed mindedness commonly exibited by so many today.